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Course Outline (Hindi)
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The basic outline of course is mentioned with the topics to be discussed and the motivation towards second law of thermodynamics.

Anuj Chaturvedi
M.Tech in Process Modeling and Simulation. Research scholar @ IIT BHU, and a teacher by heart, ranked 304 in Gate 2018, a badminton freak.

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SIR aap toh bass answers hee bta rhe ho woh toh quiz k baad pta chal jaate h its better if u give some explaination ... you are just repeating whats written in the statement.
  1. Classical Thermodynamics AQ eat In Part-2 for GATE-2019 Chemical Engineering Cold Hot econd Law of L hermodynamics

  2. Anuj Chaturvedi M.Tech. in Process Modeling and Simulation. Research Scholar @ IIT BHU, and a teacher by heart, ranked 304 in GATE 2018, a badminton freak unacademy https:/

  3. (HINDI) Classical Thermodynamics for GATE-2019 Lesson:1 Course Outline

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  5. Target Audience All undergraduate Chemical Engineering Students GATE- (Chemical Engineering) aspirants

  6. Introduction The first law of thermodynamics provides the basic definition of internal energy, associated with all thermodynamic systems, and states the rule of conservation of energy. The second law is concerned with the direction of natural processes. It asserts that a natural process runs only in one sense, and is not reversible. For example, heat always flows spontaneously from hotter to colder bodie:s, and never the reverse, unless external work is performed on the system.

  7. Course Objectives To make you familiar with the topics and the type of questions asked Simple and easy approach to solve the OBJECTIVE and NAT type Problems To provide simple explanations of all concepts To clarify all doubts To help improve the efficiency of the aspirants in solving the questions To give you in depth knowledge of the subject 9 To provide with ONE-LINERS which will help to learn things better To help you make SHORT NOTES

  8. What the aspirants can expect from this course'? 1.Second law of thermodvnamics (Clausius & Kelvin Planck Statement, Carnot Refrigerator, Heat Pump, Concept of Entropy processes, throttling) 2. Maxwell Relations Cycle Heat Enqine, T-S diagram, polytropic

  9. 3. T-dS relations 4. Pure Substances

  10. WHAT'S NEXT Second Law of Thermodynamics