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Course Introduction (in Hindi)
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The introduction to what is going to be discussed in this course have been detailed.

Anuj Chaturvedi
M.Tech in Process Modeling and Simulation. Research scholar @ IIT BHU, and a teacher by heart, ranked 304 in Gate 2018, a badminton freak.

Unacademy user
Sir Ab age kaunsa lecture hoga....
abhi non constitutional ke baad... special Status of j&k and some other states... ☺️????
Devika Singh
2 years ago
j and k to ho gaya h na
Devika Singh
2 years ago
Sir apne bht help ki h meri thanku sir
ho gaya hai but yaha par ek course ke roop me daala hai...
Devika Singh
2 years ago
ok sir
part 2 bhi hai kya process calculation ka
sir,Have you covered last 5 topics which are mentioned in course outline in this course??
Anuj Chaturvedi
a year ago
Working on it Aditya. Will get them published soon. Happy learning 🙂🙂
okay. Thank you!
This option is not shown when we open ----- unacademy >> gate chemical >> process calculation
Anuj Chaturvedi
a year ago
go to test preparation in the unacademy learning app-- then gate chemical- u will get the course on process calculations for gate -2019
Kunjan Junghare
a year ago
yes in app it shows but I use laptop and on website if I go diretly.. it doen't.. anyway thank u...
Anuj Chaturvedi
a year ago
on the website, just go to search option and type my name, u will get all the courses..
  1. Process Calculations For GATE-2019 Chemical Engineering Lesson 1: Course Introduction

  2. HELLO!!! Anui Chaturvedi M.Tech. in Process Modeling and Simulation. Research Scholar IIT BHU, and a teacher by heart, ranked 304 in GATE 2018, a badminton freak. unacademy

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  4. Target Audience All undergraduate Chemical Engineering Students OGATE- (Chemical Engineering)E aspirants

  5. Course Objectives To make you familiar with the topics and the type of questions aske Simple and easy approach to solve the objective andH numerical answer type (NAT) problems. To provide simple explanations of all concepts. To clarify all doubts. To help improve the efficiency of the aspirants in solvingaa s EE the questions. To give you in depth knowledge of the subject.

  6. What to expect from the course? Introductory Concepts * Principles of Stoichiometry Application of Material Balance to Unit Operations &Material balance with Chemical Reaction & Limitingand Excess Reactants Recycle, Bypass and Purging

  7. Orsat analysis for combustion of solid,liquid and gas fuels. Calculation of excess air Use of mean heat capacity in heat calculations * Standard heat of reaction, heats offormation, combustion, etc. Energy balance for systems with and without chemical reaction.

  8. Thanks! You can find me at Any questions