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Conditional Identities- JEE Main and Advanced (in Hindi)
Sir, in the second example, where A + B + C = 3pi/2, shouldn't it be 1+ 4sinAsinBsinC? Inside the 3 cos terms, the sum of the angles is 3pi, which is the same as pi? So that makes it similar to the identity of cosA + cosB + cosC where A+B+C = pi? Using that logic (please correct me if I am wrong), answer should be 1 + 4sinAsinBsinC?
Vineet Loomba
5 months ago
no you are wrong ... we have to proceed mathematically here and not logically ..we cannot make new formulas ....see the derivations then u might understand
Divya Soni
5 months ago
Oh. Okay sir. Thank you.