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Concept of a Primate City
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Overall discussion on the idea of a Primate City.

Maitrayee Mullick
I hold a Master's degree in Geography and also have qualified for the UGC NET (JRF). Recipient of the Jony Ive Award from Unacademy.

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ma'am if possible pls make a course for all the theories and model of geography
Most of the theories and models will be covered. These will be covered section wise in the courses. So do follow them as well as rate and review if you find them helpful. :)
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You're most welcome. :)
  1. Concept of a Primate City presented by Maitrayee Mullick

  2. Concept of a Primate City presented by Maitrayee Mullick

  3. Concept of a Primate City presented by Maitrayee Mullick

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  5. Topics to cover in the lesson Examples of Primate cities and non- Primate city countries What is a PrimateUnderstand Background Urban Primacy City ings

  6. eTowens plotted occording to their What's a primate city A primate city (Latin: "prime, first rank") is the largest city in its country or region, disproportionately larger than any others in the urban hierarchy. Primate CO A primate city distribution is a rank-size S distribution that has one very large city with many much smaller cities and towns, and no intermediate-sized urban centers: a King effect, visible as an outlier on an otherwise linear graph, when the rest of the data fit 2 a power law or stretched exponentia function Rank Size (log scale)

  7. Primate Cities A primate city is a major city that works as the financial, political, and population center of a country and is not rivaled in any of these aspects by any other city in that country. Normally, a primate city must be at least twice as populous as the second largest city in the country. XThe presence of a primate city in a country usually indicates an imbalance in development - usually a progressive core, and a lagging periphery, on which the primate city depends for labor and other resources

  8. What's a primate city The law of the primate city was first proposed by the geographer Mark Jefferson in 1939. He defines a primate city as being "at least twice as large as the next largest city and more than twice as significant. Aside from size and economic influence, a primate city will usually have precedence in all other aspects of its country's society, such as being a center of politics, media, culture and education and receive most internal migration. 10

  9. Countries without Primate cities Some examples of nations without a primate city would include India, with the six main cities Of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad; Canada, whose capital city, Ottawa, is overshadowed by the la global cities of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver; Brazil, whose capital and political center, Brasilia, is dwarfed in size and culture by S o Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte; xItaly, whose political seat at Rome is balanced by its business, fi and fashion "capital" of Milan; 12 Australia, which has the two main cities of Sydney and Melbourne,


  11. Primate cities and Alpha cities xWhether primate cities or not, alpha cities tend to produce a large percentage of their countries' respective gross domestic product (GDP). and gross metropolitan product (GMP), though primate cities tend to have a larger economic influence individually over a country. xThe three largest world metros consisting of a combined statistical area (CSA), by GMP, are the Greater Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Some countries, such as the United States, Australia and Canada, hav regional and/or provincial/state primate cities, such as Atlanta, Georgia; Winnipeg, Manitoba; and Perth in Western Australia. 16

  12. Examples Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has been called "the most primate city on Earth", being roughly thirty-five times larger than Thailand's second- largest city of Nakhon Ratchasima Taking the concept from his examination of the primate city during the 2010 Thai political protests and applying it to the role that primate cities play if they are national capitals, Jack Fong's study noted that when primate cities like Bangkok function as national capitals, they are inherently vulnerable to insurrectionary dynamics by the subaltern, and the dispossessed He cites the simple fact that most primate cities serving as national capitals contain major headquarters for the country. Thus, logistically, it is rather "efficient" for national targets to be contested since they are all located within one major urban environment. 18

  13. Urban primacy Urban primacy indicates the ratio of the primate city to the next largest i.e the second largest in a country or region. It be defined as the central place in an urban or city network that has acquired or obtained a great level of dominance. The level of dominance is measured by population density and the number of functions offered. Higher functions and population will result i higher dominance 19

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