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Communication Important Points Part 2 (in Hindi).
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Most important concepts on communication.

Jagruti Khare
Masters in Communication Studies, B.ed, cleared UGC NET and MH- SLET in journalism and Mass Communication,Diploma in Banking & Finance.

Unacademy user
maximum participation is through project method not demonstration method..Mam please clear..
Jagruti Khare
10 months ago
demonstration where students doing that
Puja Tiwary
10 months ago
what will be the answer?
  1. Communication Top points to remember Part 2

  2. Interaction inside the classroom should generate-ldeas . The type of communication that a teacher has, in the classroom is called -Group Communication. Chinese leader Mao Zedong used a type of communication to talk to the masses, it is known as-Mass line Communication.

  3. Classroom communication of a teacher rests on the principle of Edutainment. e Public communication tends to occur within a more-Convenient structure. Effective communication needs a supportive-Social enviornment

  4. Maximum participation of students during teaching is possible through:- Demonstration method * In Mass Communication,Seelctive perception is dependent on receiver's-Receptivity * Who made this comment,"Good communication iS the foundation for sound administration":-Peter Drucker

  5. Communication in administrative organization has three main aspects, mainly:- 1)lnternal 2)External and 3)Interpersonal

  6. Thank You