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Communication Important Points Part 2 (in Hindi).
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Most important concepts on communication.

Jagruti Khare
Masters in Communication Studies, B.ed, cleared UGC NET and MH- SLET in journalism and Mass Communication,Diploma in Banking & Finance.

Unacademy user
maximum participation is through project method not demonstration method..Mam please clear..
Jagruti Khare
7 months ago
demonstration where students doing that
Puja Tiwary
7 months ago
what will be the answer?
  1. Communication Top points to remember Part 2

  2. Interaction inside the classroom should generate-ldeas . The type of communication that a teacher has, in the classroom is called -Group Communication. Chinese leader Mao Zedong used a type of communication to talk to the masses, it is known as-Mass line Communication.

  3. Classroom communication of a teacher rests on the principle of Edutainment. e Public communication tends to occur within a more-Convenient structure. Effective communication needs a supportive-Social enviornment

  4. Maximum participation of students during teaching is possible through:- Demonstration method * In Mass Communication,Seelctive perception is dependent on receiver's-Receptivity * Who made this comment,"Good communication iS the foundation for sound administration":-Peter Drucker

  5. Communication in administrative organization has three main aspects, mainly:- 1)lnternal 2)External and 3)Interpersonal

  6. Thank You