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Aims and objectives of Teaching .(in Hindi).
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Aims and objectives of teaching

Jagruti Khare
Masters in Communication Studies, B.ed, cleared UGC NET and MH- SLET in journalism and Mass Communication,Diploma in Banking & Finance.

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Awesome sir..... i never felt history to be this easy... always got confused on my own...Now i can understood it well..Thank you sir
Abhyudaya Kelkar
3 years ago
Thanks to you too .....
thankyou mam zindagi👍👍
Jiya yadav JRF
10 months ago
sorry.. sorry.. thankyou mam...👍👍
Jagruti Khare
10 months ago
no problem
mam continue rhkna ye.....videos...👍
Jagruti Khare
10 months ago
yes I will
  1. Aims and Objectives of Teaching

  2. The Aim of Teaching The aims of teaching with respect to its various m odes, are as follows- Teaching - To bring changes in the behaviour of st udents Conditioning - To improve the learning skills of stu dents. Training - Shaping the behaviour and conduct. Instruction - Acquisition of knowledge. Indoctrination - Formation of belief.

  3. Objectives of Teaching *To bring desired changes in pupils *To shape behaviour and conduct. *Acquisition of knowledge *To improve the learning skills of stud ents *Formation of belief *To provide a social and efficient me mber to the society