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Child Themes and How to create one.
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Step by step in creating a child theme and stay safe from code errors and theme updatation.

Avik Bal
A digital branding professional, passionate about graphics & UX design, digital tech and internet marketing. Authored a book on SEO AUDIT.

Unacademy user
The economic liberalization in India started by the government of India to make India's economy more about economic trades with International markets.Basically, the Idea behind liberalization is for the economic growth of India and establishing trade relations among various nations. Since from 1990-2000 India various government changes but the growth of GDP doesn't effect and there is large decrease in GDP growth rate during 2012-2013 i.e. 5%. but there is large growth in GDP in 2015 beating china. Indian government do a very quick and starategic plans for the further growth of GDP by taking steps like "Make in India" and recently demonitisation (takes time) but it will surely affect the economic rate of India. Under last 10 years IT sector has also be very beneficial for the establishment to various large projects in the metrolcities like Bangolore and there is also various projects recently held a deal between making of J-18 jet planes under the make in india project that project will make oter investor to invest in India and helps india to achieve igher economic growth.
Amit Yadav
2 years ago
Rohit You tried well read the question more carefully....and before posting the answer read the question again whether you answered all the part of the question....thank You..!
Hi Rohit, Your answer writing has improved a lot, thumbs up to that! Now coming to the answer, you started off in the right direction but seems to be diverted at the very end . You did not explain the very core of the question i.e demands of the LPG and has India done any thing for that?
Rohit Mattu
2 years ago
Thanking you both Vignesh and Amit Yadav ! basically lack of political knowledge at present leads to these ocsillations in my answer statements will recover soon once after going through the static ncert's.

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  3. 1) The Web Design and Development process - Management 2) The concept of Websites - Domain and Hosting, Dedicated IP and SSL and Code guard, Database, Back end, Front end, server side languages, server types & management. Web Architecture and SEO 3) C4) The concept of Code vs CMS vs Online web builders 5) 6) 7) Basics of coding - Languages used in Web Development Intro to CMS -Wordpress vs Drupal vs Joomla Getting started with Wordpress website - Requirements

  4. . Choosing Domain and Hosting- Best options 2. Integrating domain and hosting 3. Installing Wordpress theme 4. Customizing Wordpress themes? O Best Plugins and Widget - Functionalities? 5. 6. Best Plugins-Webpage and Post Designs 7. Security - Spamming Control 8. Payment Gateway 9. Speeding up Wordpress websites.

  5. Why is a WordPress Child Theme Important 1. Child Theme helps you stay safe from code errors/mistakes by you. 2. Child Theme is Update Resistant .How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

  6. Creating Child theme using a Plugin M Contact Appearance Plugins Users Tools Installed Plugins Add New Editor Ht Settings

  7. Search the plugin - Child Theme Wizard Help Add Plugins Upload Plugin Search Results Featured Popular Recommended Favorites Keywordhild Theme Wizard 21 item Child Theme Wizard Gallery Photo Gallery and Images Gallery Install Now Robo Gallery Install Now Creates a child theme with one click and lets you customise its options More Details More Details Gallery modes photo gallery images gallery, video gallery Polaroid gallery, gallery lighbox, portfolio gallery, responsive gallery By Jay Versluis Enjoy it be happy By RoboSoft (18) 9.000+ Active Installs Last Updated: 9 months ago Untested with your version of WordPress Last Updated: 1 month ago Compatible with your version of WordPress 30,000+ Active Installs

  8. Activate the Plugin Add Plugins Upload Plugin Search Results Featured Popular Recommended Favorites Keywordhild Theme Wizard 21 items Child Theme Wizard Creates a child theme with one click and lets you customise its options. 8y Jay Versluis Robo Gallery Gallery Photo Gallery Install Now and Images Gallery Activate ore Details More Details Gallery modes photo gallery images gallery, video gallery Polaroid gallery, gallery lighbox, portfolio gallery, responsive gallery Enjoy it, be happy! y By RoboSoft Last Updated: 9 months ago Untested with your version of WordPress 9,000+ Active Installs Last Updated: 1 month ago Compaible with your version of WordPress 0,000+ Active Installs

  9. Plugin Installed! Plugins Installed Plugins Add New Editor Deactivate Edit Version 1.0.0 | By Rara T WP Reset It's Resets the your data wordpress. Available Tools Import Export Child Theme Wizard WP Reset Version 1.0.1 | By WP De Users Description Tools ply Settings Collanse menu

  10. Child Theme Wizard This simple wizard will help you generate a new Child Theme with just one click. Select which theme you want to use as a base, fill in the details and click "Create Child Theme". Parent Theme Page Pro (currently active) what's your new Child Theme called? a few notes about your Child Theme does it have a website or release post? that's you Title Child Description Child Theme URL Author Author URL Version Include GPL that's your website start with 1.0 and work your way up 1.0 Yes Please! License Create Child Theme

  11. How to improve website's speed instantly? Update WordPress, WordPress Themes, and Plugins. . Remove unnecessary and poorly coded Plugins. Always check reviews and last updated date while installing a plugin. Cache your WordPress contents using plugins like WP Fastest Cache or W3 Total Cache. Optimize your images before using them on your website. You can use Photoshop or other image compressing tools to optimize images. There are also WordPress plugins like Smush Image Compression and Optimization that you can use. . Use a good hosting company for host your website. I recommend SiteGround. We use SiteGround at Rara Theme. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN). Sometimes just having good a web host is not sufficient, the location of web hosting servers can also have an impact on loading speed. With CDN, all your visitors, local and international can experience faster loading speed. CloudFlare and MaxCDN are the good and popular CDNs. Check them out.

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  13. How to optimise Website loading speed ?

  14. Image Optimization riority and image modifications Format Selection: Use JPGs when quality is a high p are not required before uploading it. JPGs can take limited processing and modifications before image quality degrades sharply. For images with icons, logos, illustrations, signs and text, use PNG format. Use GIFs only for small or simple images and avoid BMPs or TIFFs. Proper Sizing: Save valuable bytes of image payload and match the dimensions (width) of your Web page template. Use browser resizing capabilities to make images responsive by setting fixed width and auto-height instructions. Compression: Image compression should be a thoughtfultradeoff between image size and quality. For JPGs, a compression of 60-7o percent produces a good balance. For retina screens, increase (JPGs) image size by 150-200 percent, compress by 30- 40 percent and scale it down again as per required dimensions. . Fewer Images: Keep the number of images to an absolute minimum.

  15. Leverage image optimization tools such as CW Image Optimizer, Lazy Load and WP (support ended) if an external server is not used to pre-process images Website owners can also use plugins such as JPEG Reducer and Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT) to optimize all existing images in bulk.