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Chapter: 6, Part: 1. Life processes and Nutrition.
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This is the lesson:1 of Chapter: 6 NCERT Biology, 10th class. in this lesson we are going to discuss about life process and nutrition.

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  1. CHAPTER: 6 (NCERT) Life processes Lesson:1 Raju M.Sc Biochemistry Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Published 5 research papers Teaching, Reading & Photography Follow me on Unacademy, Rate & Review

  2. Most of living organisms show visible movements e.g. locomotion, breathing etc Molecular movement is necessary for life Viruses don't show molecular movement, when it is out side of the host Living creatures structure is made up of molecules, and they repair and maintain their structure What are life processes? The maintain and repairing function of living organism that occurs all the time They required energy for repairing and maintenance, and energy comes from outside of the body

  3. . Most of the food sources are carbon-based, and finally c uniform source of energy The uniform source of energy is utilized for maintaining, repairing and molecular needs of the living organism ex: growth, wound healing, etc. . Respiration is the process of utilization of oxygen to break-down molecules by oxidizing-reducing reactions Single-cell organism don't have specialized organs for good, respiration and excretion processes Surface of the single-cell organism is in contact with environment (diffusion) In Multi-cellular organism the cells are not in direct contact with environment, so specialized organs are involved in functioning e.g. respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, etc.

  4. Carbon source and oxygen are used for chemical reactions to generate energy and the by-products (harmful substances) are created Excretion is the process of elimination of waste by-products from the body In multi-cellular organisms have specialised organs with specialized cells performs various function e.g. excretion, transportation, digestion, etc Nutrition Energy is utilized in all conditions like exercise or resting, the energy is needed to maintain state or order in the body The food is the source of energy needed for the organism for growth, development, protein synthesis, etc.