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NCERT Biology, Class 10


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This course is about NCERT Biology, 10th Class, Chapter:6, Life processes. This course is for UPSC Aspirants, Medical entrance test, and some State and Central Government job aspirants.


31 lessons • 4 h 31 m
Chapter: 6, Part: 1. Life processes and Nutrition.

11m 07s

Chapter: 6, Part: 2. Autotrophic Nutrition.

10m 20s

Chapter: 6, Part: 3. Carbon Dioxide is Essential for Photosynthesis.

11m 23s

Chapter: 6, Part: 4. Heterotrophic Nutrition.

10m 38s

Chapter: 6, Part: 5. Nutrition in Human Beings.

8m 54s

Chapter: 6, Part: 6, Dental caries and respiration.

8m 42s

Chapter: 6, Part: 7. Aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

8m 50s

Chapter: 6, Part: 8. Respiration

9m 58s

Chapter: 6, Part: 9. Our pump- the heart.

7m 01s

Chapter: 6, Part: 10. Single and double circulation.

10m 09s

Chapter: 6, Part: 11. lymph and platelets

9m 17s

Chapter: 6, Part: 12. Transportation in plants

8m 48s

Chapter: 6, Part: 13. Transportation. And excretion in human beings

9m 17s

Chapter: 6, Part: 14. Hemodialysis and excretion in plants

8m 36s

Chapter: 7, Part: 1. Animals nervous system

7m 32s

Chapter: 7, Part: 2. Reflex actions.

6m 11s

Chapter: 7, Part: 3. Reflex actions and human brain.

7m 09s

Chapter: 7, Part: 4. Peripheral nervous system and parts of the brain.

7m 24s

Chapter: 7, Part: 5. Coordination in plants.

8m 30s

Chapter: 7, Part: 6. Response of plants.

6m 53s

Chapter: 7, Part: 7. Hormones and its action-1

11m 03s

Chapter:7, Part: 8. Hormones and its actions-2

8m 21s

Chapter: 8, Part: 1. Reproduction in organisms.

9m 34s

Chapter: 8, Part: 2. Importance of variations

6m 58s

Chapter: 8, Part: 3. Regeneration and fragmentation.

9m 22s

Chapter: 8, Part: 4. Budding and vegetative propagation

7m 43s

Chapter: 8, Part: 5. Tissue culture, sexual and asexual reproduction.

5m 48s

Chapter: 8, Part: 6. Sexual reproduction in plants and animals

9m 39s

Chapter: 8, Part: 7. Sexual reproduction in flowering plants

8m 19s

Chapter: 8, Part: 8. Reproduction in human beings

8m 26s

Chapter: 8, Part: 9. Male reproductive system

9m 12s