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Cabinet committee, NIIF, Classification: Infrastructure
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This lesson covers the important points on Cabinet committee, NIIF and touches upon the Classification of infrastructure.

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Thank you so much for the lecture sir. Just had one doubt. Hasn't Govt.merged Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure with CCEA and created Cabinet Committee on Investment for expediting projects over Rs. 1000 crores?
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  1. INFRASTRUCTURE Part 3 By Ayussh Sanghi

  2. Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure (CCI) CCI is a Standing Committee Constituted on 6 July, 2009 Chairperson- Prime Minister 12 member Committee . 12 member Committee CCI cxamines infrastructure proposals of more than a specific budget limit (currently CCI examines infrastructure proposals of more than a specific budget limit (currently the lower limit is 3 billion Rs.). CCI scrutinizes specific sub-areas like Railways, Ports, Energy/Power, Telecommunication etc.

  3. Aim: To expedite the decision making process related to infrastructure proposals I. To accelerate investment growth in the infrastructure sector and streamline the investment process to increase private sector investments 2. CCI specifies parameters and also reviews the projects based on performance and progress.

  4. National Infrastructure Investment Fund (NIIF) Implemented by Ministry of Finance Funding -40,000 crores Registered with SEB.I Aim To develop the infrastructure sector by providing easy access to long term capital . This includes both greenfield and brownfield projects NBFCs that provide infrastructure financing gets quas equity or equity assistance from NIIF

  5. Classification of Infrastructure Energy/Power: Conventional and non- conventional sources of energy Primary sources of energy include coal, hydro-electric power, petroleum, oil and gas which help in generation of electricity 2. Modes of transport Railways, Roadways, Shipping and Civil Aviation 3. Communications: Telecommunications, Telephone and mobile services, Postal service, Broadband 4. Banking, Insurance and Financial services 4. Banking. Insura 5. Irrigation facilities and storage infrastructure 6. Potable water and sanitation facilities are also an integral part of infrasiructuranitation facilitis are also an i infrastructure.