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British Political System (For SSC CGL)
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Through this lesson, Dhiraj Singh Chauhan gives a brief overview of the British political system and how it influenced the Indian constitution and its makers. Not only this, he also talks about what india adopted from it and much more.

Dhiraj Singh Chauhan
Income-tax Inspector, Cleared Assistant Commandant(SSB), From Saharanpur

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Ashna Shaji
9 months ago
Thank yoy
Ashna Shaji
9 months ago
Sorry. Thank you
sir will it be sufficient for ssc cgl if we make notes from it
sir no one had made the videos for economy for ssc cgl exclusively that is only remaining topic so please try to make videos on it sir
Sandeep Singh
2 years ago
is there any videos for geography??
Shubham Saurabh
2 years ago
economics by Mohini Jain
Sheetal Sharma
2 years ago SSC economic most important questions
Rajnish Ranjan
a month ago
vv.k k ..k.
Is it sufficient for SSC cgl
sir can you just clarify that how minister fall under temporary executive category if they are already in legislation?
They r part of legislature since they take part in parliament proceedings and discussions and help to pass an act. They r part of executive since they monitor and ensure the effective implementation of those acts. For example, who has the responsibility of succesful implementation of demonitisation scheme? - Modi government. Though demonitization was implemented using RBI act 1935, government is providing guidlines for its successful implementation like- limits on daily withdrawl, using indelible ink to stop many transactions by same person etc so Modi government is working as Executive here.
Mritali Pandey
3 years ago
Edified well sir...thanq so much!
Aniket Dutta
3 years ago
I had doubt about the same.. Thank u very much sir for your clear explanation with examples...
very helpful course..sir please provide courses on geography,history n economics also...we are waiting eagerly for ur new courses...
Sheetal Sharma
2 years ago for SSC economic questions
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