28 lessons • 4h 7m

British Political System (For SSC CGL)

9m 54s

American Political System (For SSC CGL)

10m 00s

Introduction To Indian System (For SSC CGL)

9m 59s

Development Of Indian Constitution (For SSC CGL)

9m 09s

Preamble and Type Of Majorities (For SSC CGL)

8m 39s

Reorganisation And Formation Of State (For SSC CGL)

9m 36s

Key Features About Citizenship (For SSC CGL)

9m 58s

Fundamental Rights And Equality (For SSC CGL)

9m 57s

Right To Freedom (Article 19-22) (For SSC CGL)

8m 25s

Fundamental Rights (Article 22-28) (For SSC CGL)

7m 59s

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