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Breaking the ice - get the confidence to talk to anyone: An Introduction
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This is an introductory lesson of the course - Breaking the ice - get the confidence to talk to anyone.

Roman Saini is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Roman Saini
Part of a great founding team at Unacademy with Gaurav, Hemesh. Movies, Guitar, Books, Teaching.

Unacademy user
Thanks a lot sir for this course. This was much needed for me this is the best thing one can do to utilise this independence day ..Happy independence day sir I share my birthday with my nation's birthday so this is the best gift for me ..Thank you so much
Happy independence day and A Very happy bday..:-) Have a great year ahead.
Vivek Sager
2 years ago
Happy birthday shalini
Hi sir... I'm a big fan of yours and highly respect you.. and I want to suggest you somthing highly important..please manage your e-tutors And courses as these are spreading like various institutes in Karol Bagh and mukhergee nagar.. same course by different tutors.. students like me are getting confused and at last they realise that they are wasting their valuable time. You're initiative is good but somewhere it is lacking in it's values now.. hope you will consider my suggestion.. thank you the honest and respectable simple. Roman saini sir... There were some many people who have content in a particular field of education.. But most of them will not have a thought and kind heart as like u people..... We love the way u give your suggestions and explanation...???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Roman unacademy there r courses...but every educator are so valuable..... As of some only making in both languages as hindi and english...and most of the educators was making in courses in hindi language...only..sir..???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Roman saini sir we have mentioned our comments so many times there...we have requested so many times.... Tq Roman sir..for your valuable suggestions and courses...the soilders are working to save our country at the border... The honourable Roman saini sir and gaurav sir and team was working for poor... Salute to the honest unacademy..jai bharat.????????????????????????????‍????‍????‍????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Ajay Kumar
2 years ago
sir plz make a part of this in hindi it will helps to hindi medium students.
sir but what if we are good at communication but people around us are not communicating
  1. Breaking the ice - get the confidence to talk to anyone Roman Saini, Unacademy

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  3. Main Characters Wendy Ronny Abby Vinod Under-confident but extrovert Very shy, under-confident and A very confident extrovert person she loves to express herself Confident but shy introvert person difficulty in socialising

  4. Why this course: Most people are not like Wendy but there are plenty of cases like Vinod No matter who you are, you will need these skills at some point of time

  5. Evolutionary Psychology: Humans have communicated with each other for millenias and that is the key to our progress But whenever we encounter a stranger, we have a subconscious fear No one taught us how to talk to strangers If we learn & practice it

  6. Business: Co-workers, boss, employees Becoming a leader and communicating your vision Selling your product

  7. Relationships: Finding your future spouse/love -Maintaining a healthy relationship

  8. Professionals: Talking to patients as a doctor Arguing for your client as a lawyer

  9. Random stuff: Getting a discount from a restaurant owner Asking for help from random strangers

  10. Spill over effect: The confidence you gain here will help you in other walks of life as well