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Biography of Gopabandhu Das - 1 (in Odia)
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Gopabandhu Das popularily known as Utkalmani,was a social worker, reformer, political activist,poet and essayist. We look into this video Biography of Gopabandhu Das Part-1 in Odia language.

Bibhuti Bhusan Swain
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  1. Biography of Gopabandhu Das

  2. Gopabandhu Das Gopabandhu Das , popularly known as Utkalamani (Jewel of Utkal or Orissa), was a social worker, reformer, political activist, journalist, poet and essayist. Gopabandhu Das was born on 9 October 1877 in Suando village, near Puri His mother was Swarnamayee Devi, the third wife of Daitari Das. Das married Apti at the age of twelve but continued his education. He had basic schooling in the village before progressing to a middle school n P nearby Then, in 1893, by which time his mother had died, Das joined Puri Zilla School.

  3. Gopabandhu Das There he was influenced by Mukhtiar Ramchandra Das, a teacher who was both a nationalist and a proponent of public service in aid of people in distress. Das, whose father by now had died, progressed to Ravenshaw College in Cuttack n P It was while at Ravenshaw that Das started a discussion group, called Kartavya Bodhini Samiti (Duty Awakening Society), in which he and his friends considered social, economic and political problems. It was also during this time, in 1903, that he attended a meeting of the Utkal Sammilani (Utkal Union Conference), where he disagreed with Madhusudan Das's suggestion that Odia-speaking areas should be amalgamated with Bengal Presidency

  4. Gopabandhu Das These extra-curricular activities, which also included helping the victims of flooding, impacted on his academic studies such that he failed his degree examination, although he gained his BA at the second attempt. It was also while at Ravenshaw that his new-born son died. n P he explained his preference to deal with flood victims on that occasion rather than be with his sick son as being because "There are so many to look after my son What more can I do? But there are so many people crying for help in the affected areas and it is my duty to go there. Lord Jagannath is here to take care of the boy

  5. Gopabandhu Das Das progressed to Calcutta University, where he obtained an MA and LL.B while simultaneously devoting much of his energies in attempts to improve the education of Oriya people who were living in the city, for whom he opened night schools. n P His desire to bring about social reform and educational improvements was influenced at this time by the philosophy of the Swadeshi movement. 87-102 His wife died on the day he heard that he had-passed his law examinations.

  6. Gopabandhu Das Das arrived at his first iob as a teacher in Nilagiri in Balasore district of Orissa He then became a lawyer, variously described as being based in Puri and in Cuttack. In 1909, Madhusudan Das appointed him to be State Pleader for the princely state of Mayurbhan n P In 1909, Das established a school at Sakhigopala, near Puri. -Popularly known as Satyabadi Bakul Bana Bidyalaya He believed education was necessary-if people were to become aware of their both of their innate freedom and their duty to their country He thought that education could help the child to grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

  7. Biography of Gopabandhu Das