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Bin Sachivalaya Office Assistant Model Paper - 174 (in Gujarati)
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Lekh Patel
First Verified Educator in GPSC category Top Educator "A little progress each day, Adds up to big result" Bachelor in Electrical Engineerin

Unacademy user
i've doubt that whether three subjects has to cover in one day.or I am doing that one day math one day phy one day chem like that I am doing theory and that correct process sir plz tell???
Nitish Kumar
9 months ago
If you wish then you can but adjust you time according to your preference
Sasidhar buddha
9 months ago
sir I want to ask u : my plan is ,I am completing two chapters per a day in one subject and I am also dng previous years questions. is it sufficient for jee mains????? to score 200+marks..
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