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Best Questions Of Physics #01 (in Hindi)
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Aayush Rathi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aayush Rathi
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Unacademy user
thank you mam can u make a course for ans writing practice for 15 days
Vanmala Ramesh
a year ago
I will put in the request with Unacademy.
bhaiya modern physics per video bnado plz, concepts one detailed theory plz !!!!!!!!!! for jee main only !!!!!!!
Thank you bhaiya . I was eagrly waiting for your courses 🔥🔥
thank you bhaiya....🙏
  1. x The indwctance betneen A and D to ? AIEEE 2002 3 H 3 (0) 3 66H (b) 9H

  2. A ball hose kine tic energy E, io projeceod at an angle of 45 to the horizontal. The ene ray of the ball at the highest point ito plight hill be P AIEEE 2002

  3. From a bilding , tro balls A and B are thon uch at A prards and B donard (both verticall> . VA and VB are their rupective velocities 0h' reaching the ground, the ? an thoir respective AIEEE 2002 5 d) their velocities depend. on their masse

  4. The velody v o{ 0 article at time t is a pah en by v -at b, hhe a, b and c are conetants . The dimensinsaf ae espectiely? L, LT and T LL and T a,b and c AIPMT 2006 ,T and LT2 LT LT and L