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Basics of String (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I am going to teach about string and how to access string elements.

Jitendra jangir from CSE branch ,having more than 4 years teaching experience ,my courses will help you to understand different programming languages

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Q.16- OPTION e is wrong since job enrichment involves only vertical expansion of job whereas job enlargement is horizontal expansion of job.
Heena Malhotra
10 months ago
I totally agree with your point, but the answer provided in answer key by ugc is option 2 , I checked it twice :)
ok mam thank you.
sir maine 10th ke exam diye h aur polytechnic ki exam ke questions h aapke pass
Jitendra jangir
2 months ago
M smjha nhi aapki bat
uyjuhnun. h inn hun njn.yuuhjnnuuuunuuhnu..nuunn.unn.uunuunnnu..nunuunn.nn.nnhn.n.n.n...n.n.n.ujunynununn.u.jnunun.n.nuun.nun.nunun.n.nuunn.u.nun.n.nunn.n.u.n.n.nn.nnn.nn.nunm.nn.nun.n.unjuunun.n.n.nh.u.un
Jitendra jangir
7 months ago
what you want to ask ???? can u explain plsss
  1. -Learn how Python inputs strings "o Understand how Python stores and uses strings .o Perform slicing operations on strings o Traverse strings with a loop Compare strings and substrings

  2. Understand the concept of immutable strings - Understanding string functions. Understanding string constants

  3. Basics of string: In python, consecutive sequence of characters is known as a string. Arn individual character in a string is accessed using a subscript (index) .The subscript should always be an integer (positive or negative). A subscript starts from 0

  4. .# Declaring a string in python >>>myfirst-"Save Earth" ->>>print myfirst Save Earth Let S play with subscripts -To access the first character of the string .>>>print myfirst[o]

  5. O access the fourth characterOf the string ->>>print myfirst 31 To access the last character of the ->>>print myfirstf-11 string

  6. Important points about accessing elements in the strings using subscripts Positive subscript helps in accessing the string from the beginning Negative subscript helps in accessing the string from the end

  7. .Subscript o or ve n(where n is length of the string) displays the first element. -ExampleA0] or AL-5] will display Hi Subscript 1 ori:-ve (n-1) displays the second elementD

  8. ThankS!