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Basics of Diuretics
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We will be learning all the basics of urine formation and the classification of diuretics in this lesson.

Abhilash G
Currently pursuing MBBS in Bangalore Medical College. Scored 157/180 IN CET 2016.Scored 568/720 in AIPMT'16 I'm a NEET PG 2023 aspirant

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sir kangra kulu valley himachal and Kashmir valley himadri alle??
valley ellam second rawaanu
Lakshmi R Nair
a year ago
ok sir I saw Kashmir as betwn pir panjal and himadri... ok thank you sir..also, I am a beginner..with ur 50 day crash of sect asst background alone... I need clarfctn on the date of drafting committee formtn ..objective resoltn..becoming preamble was given on 13 and drafting committee came a year later..I doubt u had mentioned it class..
Lakshmi R Nair
a year ago
thank you for ur support..and expecting till I reach my goal

  2. Hello! I am Abhilash G Here I am with a new course in Pharmacology on the topic "Drugs acting on the kidney"

  3. INTRODUCTION Currently pursuing MBBS in Bangalore Medical College And Research Institute. Scored 157/180 In KCET 2016 RANK:309 With 12TH (PU) 98.83% Scored 568/720 In AIPMT 2016. In KVPY, Qualified for the interview. INTERESTS: Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Skating, Harmonium(Hindustani Classical), Guitar. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  4. POINTS TO NOTE This course in completely focused to score in your University level exams as well as NEET PG exam. o Get a pen and paper,and take a screenshot whenever necessary In unacademy, we believe only in quality time of yours.


  6. Tubular fluid Blo Nat Na+ ATP PROXIMAL CONVOLUTED TUBULE HCO3+ H+ Na+ ATP 3HCO H2CO3 CA CI- 20 CO2

  7. Ascending limb of Henle's loop Na K* ATPase Furosemi Na CI Na HENLE'S LOOP k' channel Cl- Na K'2c cotrans- C channel porter Lumen Blood

  8. Distal Tubular Cell Na K ATPase Thiazide Cl- Cl- DISTAL CONVOLUTEDc TUBULE AND COLLECTING DUCT + NaCl- Symporter K channe Cl- channe - Lumen Blood

  9. CLASSIFICATION HIGH EFFICACY DIURETICS . Frusemide MODERATE EFFICACY DIURETICS Thiazides Thiazide related agents LOW EFFICACY DIURETICS Potassium sparing diuretics * Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors Osmotic diuretics

  10. Thanks! Any questions? PLEASE RATE REVIEW AND RECOMMEND