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Basic Concepts of Percentages - Part 5 (in Hindi)
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Types of questions that can be asked from the chapter of percentages

Sharad Gupta
B.Tech from College of Technology, pantnagar, SBI PO MAINS QUALIFIED, CAT2016 QA Section 99.41 percentile, Getting a call from IIM-A for the

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ma"am this martial law - jo pakistan me hota rehta he military rule wahi he na ??
Sakshi Mittal
9 months ago
Pakistan me jo hua wo military coup tha. military coup is entirely different from military rule. have u heard the term takhtapalat .thus is exactly mimitary coup In the case of martial law, this would usually be the act of political leaders utilizing their power over the military to exert military control over a region or the entire nation. In that scenario, the military has taken no authority from political leadership and is just following their orders.  but military coup implies that the military has taken control of a country away from the previous leaders. which means military has overthrown the government and established their rule. for ex in 1999 pak army chief general parvez musshaef overthrew the government and took his control over government.
Jigxy N
9 months ago
OK got it .
Jigxy N
9 months ago
ok got it

  2. SomE AnDITIONAL QUESTIONS Ques:-1 : Rahul obtained 30% marks in a test and fail, bl . 18 marks. Vikas obtained 42% marks and obtains 54 marks more than the passing marks. ad the maximum marks Snt": Let the maumum marks bem,& assing marks beep, Now, according to question OD 100 Equatina both equations, toe ed |x-6001 Ansver

  3. Qwess-2- Sn a village, 80% 0f the eligible voter voted r one of the tuoo contestante, A and 8.If A t 56% of the total votes polled & defeated B bu a margin 14400 votes. How many eligible voters were there in the village 2 Slet the no of voter pl nd claible voters be and, if A got 56% votes then B must have got yy% votes. 56xn--uyX7( 14,400 | 1,20,000 votes Now, 80- 20,000 => |x=1,50,000 | Ayswer

  4. Ques:-3. What should be the % change in the pre of wheat (in Rs/Kg), if consumption increase(by 50% such that expenditure IS increased by 20% onl Sotn Ricex Quanfity-Expenditure uanttyxpendufure 100 30 %-> | b=-20 % wer 2

  5. Ques:-4 The tot al childbirth cases resulting in twins be 10% . What percent of the total chichen bom are uins Rest enee si] Sot"lot uu assume ho total chidbirhcae wr l00, Out of these lo0, lo raults in tuins These lo cases (tons) Tesult in lex2=20 child Rest 4o cases vesulh in loxl o chnilen (20+4o=110) Oud of children 20 wertunns 20x100-118-18%] Answer. 00 = Hence he7wird as ence required %

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