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Basic Concepts of Percentages - Part 2 (in Hindi)
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Percentage increase or decrease, percentage change and multiplying factor

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  2. PERCENTAGE INCREASE ORDECREASE there 's a vala. A, on which an ncrement of Sup pose 10% is to be done, then the final value beco mes 100 l00 If an increment of 20% is to be done, then the final value betomes loo l 00

  3. Suppose a decrement of 46% 'k done, then the ful valua becom cs ecrement 0t 5% k done, l 00 1 00 . Similarly, if decrement of 8% is done, then the final value beto mea 1 o0

  4. erefore, we can say that it a valuu is increased by n %, , then the ofinal value beco ma final value gnitial value | loo + IOD 0 \f a value is decreased by %,fr al value becomes final value - Inifal value x OTO lOTD

  5. erentapechange or Multiplyin ador chanpe is aloays calloted uoith rapedt to the ngeal initial valus Case1- Suppose an ittal value (A, is changed to 'B,Terfin Caxe 21- Suppose an intal valus 8' is cjanged to final value (A", therefore, % change: A-8

  6. Multiplying factor is also used to calculate the %cha utiplying fachr inal vale nitial vale change (Muhiplying factor-1)X100 % A valuu of &00 is increased to g60. And the % change 0 :- - 800 % change

  7. ues :-A value is changed from 2000 to (500, Had % change SH: Multiplying factor: final Value-) 1500 = 0.75 Initifal valua 2000 % clayo (mf-1)x100 @75-1)xloo=[ 25%) a value ir increased, then the % change Comes NOTE- out to be postte a valve is dereaued out to be negative NOTE en the % change comes

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