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Basic Concepts of Percentages - Part 4 (in Hindi)
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Base change method and it's application

Sharad Gupta
B.Tech from College of Technology, pantnagar, SBI PO MAINS QUALIFIED, CAT2016 QA Section 99.41 percentile, Getting a call from IIM-A for the

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apki mehanat bekar nahi jane denge

  2. ange Bare Suppose a value is changed by it % and because of this, it change it valme from A to B, then what should be othe % change n B to brin? Pt back to iks original value 100

  3. contd Alternate Mettod ( Als order to Suppose, changed by, 7(%, to a ak value 6s0n obtain 'A' from 'B' will be:- % = |corresponding frodfonal valuu pore -25% here a=-1 b=4 and -a - , & then change the traction to its a+b Corresponding percentage value

  4. Ques:-A value is increased by 25%, what should be the perent dhange to bing it back to c onijina valu 7(=+25% Soth 100.17(1 ) % loo x 25-1 20 % Since , value is decreased now , ooltinal answer is-20% Ansuer Alternate Method value should be decreued final answer:-20%

  5. Aplcations f Change ofBase (Suppose , and mere isa /o Change n the value of P and ther is no drenge ofn%n in the value of R, t the % change in the veof Qibe rongs ufli be egual to loo. I741) % Ques What should be the % change on the breadth of a retole area should renain undjanged. Length is inceued by '20%. Sotn :-X-+20% % change in breadth- lox|201

  6. ues:-The rate of Petrol is increased by 2.0% , 4, due to this, a person, cuts his consumpHon of Petrof by 6letre S consunm f eg 3600 Rs. find nihal rate of petref Re fptxGu Sotl- (+2.0% 100, 1 IDW 2.0-1-16-66 % uantity changes 2 Let the origincu quantity of Petro, beed, es 16.66 xy = 6 => y= 36 tres 100 SnitiaL Rate = 3600-21 loo Rs/ LZHre | Answer

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