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BARC/GATE Question Series Part - 87
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Question baSed on Velocity analysis

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Deep Sangeet Maity
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Anvesh Sameer
2 years ago
Thank you Rajan... Keep learning!
  1. BARC & GATE Question series via Concepts Presented by Deep sangeet Maity

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  3. The rod AB, of length 1 m, shown in the figure is connected to two sliders at each end through pins. The sliders can slide along QP and QR. If the velocity Va of the slider at A is 2 m/s, the velocity of the midpoint of the rod at this instant is m/s 60 60

  4. 60 60 O4

  5. 0 60 60 60 crd -

  6. 0- 60 -60 4 echon

  7. 0 60 60 - Dilechon ofs lider S

  8. Perpendicular to the linlk 30 deg. //( 60 deg. 0 60 60 120 Dinechon of s lider 30 60 C d

  9. Perpendicular to the link 0 C30 deg. 60 deg. Diccbon 60 60 20 df slider A & B are the point on slider

  10. 6o tne chon of slider B cyd We haw o ce Find velocity of mid point w.r.t. fixed point c & d

  11. 0- 0 Diechon of slider 60 2m fs we have to find ce