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BARC/GATE Question Series Part - 47
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Question based on Inventory model based on Safety Stock

Deep Sangeet Maity

Unacademy user
Higher education in india has grown exponentially in recent years . A survey by the All india survey for higher education that GER was 25.8% in 2017- 18, up from 10 %in 2004-05. but there are some challenges that need to be addressed for better higher education , challenges are - Lack of infrastructure, two third of the higher education is provided by the pvt sector that lead to commercialisation of education , lack of affordability of education , education has became elite, lack of operational autonomy , lack of funds due to this degradation in the quality of R&D, faculty, due to this we are lagging in w.r.t to world class institution, Lack of interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach, the skill provided not job oriented, skewed policies in the favour of technical education WAY forward - There is need to reskill the faculty & maintain the student teacher ratio, UGC should evolve a system where part of the allocation to college & universities is linked to the student population ,HEFA funds were used to finance improvement in infrastructure in higher education institution, The concept of general education and specialised education proceeding together needs to be widely adopted in india, the govt policies that are related to the higher education needs to be follow with both letter & spirit
Ashish Singh
10 months ago
Don't use acronyms like Pvt. for private and w.r.t. (with respect to)
Ashish Singh
10 months ago
Your essay writing is good, all the best.
Ankit srivastava
10 months ago
Thank you sir , i will rectify my mistake