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BARC/GATE Question Series Part - 36
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Question based on Convection Heat Transfer

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Deep Sangeet Maity
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Don't just take portions out of the articles from the paper as it is, copy it unto the presentation and read it out loud. I thought this was supposed to be an analysis, rather than reiteration.
For the convection question soution , you have used local heat transfer coeff. to find the rate of Heat transfer. But to find the rate of heat transfer through all the surfaces, we must use average heat transfer coeff.i.e. you must multiply it (h) by 2. kindly check it.
Deep Sangeet Maity
8 months ago
the Nusselt no. is given for whole length i.e. Average Nusselt no. is given and whenever we take full complete length for Nu. calculation then it is average Nu no. only