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Banking awareness one liners :part 8 (in Hindi)
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Last lesson of one liners on Banking Awareness.. This is the level 1 150 one liners...if course response will be good ..& more courses will be out in similar way with LEVEL 2 & LEVEL 3.

Chetan Mna is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Chetan Mna
NITian ,5 year Teaching Experience , Indian Railways , cleared SSC ,SSE,CHSL, IBPS etc

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Sir may i request to you is that plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload all important derivation with solution of physics 12 th class
thats a really good work kindly continue this and make more such series
Please make more videos for IBPS PO. It was an awesome series. I watched all videos and all were interesting.

  2. HELLO! I am Chetan (mech. Engg.) ou can find me at @

  3. 137. When the rate ofinflation increases: Ans: purchasing powerof money decreases 138. Banks in India areregulatedunder: Ans:Banking Regulation Act, 1949 139.Banking sector falls under which of the following sectors? Ans: Service Sector 140.ASBAscheme is related to the purchase of Ans: IPO

  4. 141. In a bank, which of the following are theusual types ofaccounts? Ans: Current accounts, Savings bank accounts and Term deposit accounts 142.The most powerful tool used by the Reserve Bank of India to control inflation is to Ans: raise interest rates 143.NEFT andRTGSin banking terminology speak of Ans: electronic fund transfer from bank to bank 144. The ownership of public sector banks rests Ans: jointly with the Government of India andthe shareholdersfromthe public

  5. 145. If a cheque is post dated, the bank on which it is drawn: Ans: will not honour the cheque before the date ofthecheque 146.Regulator of Capital Market in India: Ans: SEBI 147. First Indian Bank tointroduce credit card Ans: Central Bank of Indio 148. RBI nationalizedin: Ans: January 1,1949

  6. 149.Loans of very small amounts given to lowinco me groups is called: Ans: Micro Credit 150. RBl establishedin: Ans: April, 1935

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