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Banking awareness one liners :part 6 (in Hindi)
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Previous year one liners from static banking awareness from 2014 & 15 exam papers

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sir side headings like introduction, definition , conclusion ani mundu rasi tharvatha paragraphs rayochcha sir..??
sir kindly continue kare....request

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  3. 101 After completion of 15 years, Public Provident Fund (PPF) can be extendeduptohow manyyears? Ans: 5 years 102. Short termMoney lending process is knownas: Ans: Call Money 103. Treasury bill tenure: Ans: 91days, 182 days,364 days 104. Minimum limit for medium scale enterprises is Rs.5 Cr.what is maximum limit? Ans: 10 Cr

  4. 105.Prime Lending Rate is replaced by. Ans: Base rate 106. Banks cannotgrant Loan below which rate Ans: Base Rate 107. If RBl reduces CRR what happens: Ans: Credit Supply increases, loans get cheaper. 108. Name thescheme to include every people under banking system Ans: Financial Inclusion

  5. 109.Special Drawing Right (SDR) is a monetaryunit of. Ans: IMF 110. Cheque which is not crossed is called: Ans: Open cheque 111. Teaser rates are related to which type of loans: Ans: Home loans 112. What is Teaser loan? Ans: Ifa bank offers a slightly lower rate in the initial years and higher rate in later years, it is calleda teaser loan

  6. 113. The RBl policy rate which is purely an indicative rate used by RBI to signal long-term outlook on interest rates is: Ans: Bank rate 114. Theterm 'pre-shipment' finance relates to: Ans: export credit 115. A receipt listed in India and traded in rupees declaring ownership of shares of a foreign company. Ans: Indian Depository Receipt (IDR) 116. With effect from advised banks to switch over to the: July 2012,for calculating of lending rates,the RBl has Ans: Base Rate systems

  7. 117.Mobile bankingfundtransfer limit in a day. Ans: Rs.50,000 118. The seedcapital of Bhartiya Mahila Bank is Ans: Rs.1000 crore 119. Lender of the Last Resort" by Banks is known as: Ans: RBI 120."Fixed deposit" is also referred to as: Ans: Term Deposit

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