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Banking awareness one liners :part 4 (in Hindi)
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most important 150 liners series 4

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Chetan Mna
NITian ,5 year Teaching Experience , Indian Railways , cleared SSC ,SSE,CHSL, IBPS etc

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As far as I can remember, you are some of the educators on this platform not reading line by line. Thanks a lot Sir. Your depth of knowledge really inspired me. Thanks a lot. Keep motivating and making such awesome courses
Thanks ankita ...
what is the difference between call money and MSF?

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  3. 59. The Central Bank of India has adopted new measure of inflation: Ans: Consumer PriceIndex (CPI) 60. When a cheque is torn l nto two o r more ieces a nd resented for payment,such a cheque is called Ans: mutilated cheque 61. How much fee charged to file a complaint under Banking Ombudsman? Ans: Banking Ombudsman does not charge any fee 62. Who is the appellate authority in Banking Ombusdsman? Ans Deputy Governor ofRBI

  4. 63. lfany customer is not satisfied by the decision of Banking Ombudsman, customer can appeal against the award before theappellate authority within how many days from the date of receipt? Ans 30 days or Cash Dispensing machine 64. ATMs which are owned and o erated by Non-Banking Financial Companies arecalled Ans: White Label ATMs. 65. RBI gave in-principle for Banking license to: Ans: IDFCand Bandhan Minimumcapital requirement for new banks in private sector is.: Ans: Rs. 500 crore

  5. 67.A Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is a companyregistered under the: Ans: Companies Act,1956 Minimum capital requirement for (NBFC) is: Ans: Rs. 500 crore 68. Non-Banking Financial Company IS: 69. TheNBFCs areallowed toaccept/renew public deposits for a minimu eriod of Ans: 12 months (and maximum period of 60 months)

  6. 71 Minimum capital requirement for Foreign banks that want to set 0 erations in India is: Ans: Rs. 500 crore 72.What is the minimum paid-up ca ital requirement of both small banks and payments banks in India? Ans: Rs. 100 crore 73.RBl extended the timeline forfull implementation of Basel Ill norms till: Ans: 31March 2019 74. SLR((Statutory Liquidity Ratio)is the amount a commercial banks nee to maintain in the form of- before providing credit to its customers. Ans:cash, or gold, or govt.approved securities (Bonds)

  7. is the rate at which banks borrowfunds overnightfrom the 75. Ans: Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) 76. Who issues Treasury bills (T-bills) in India? nst approved government securities. Ans: Government of India 77.Treasury bills are available for a minimumamount of. Ans: Rs. 25,000 78.Minimum & Maximum Limit of NEFT: Ans: no limit

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