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Aurangzeb's rule and his Harsh religious policy
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Harsh religious policy of Aurangzeb

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can you please explain the distribution of instructors in the last question
I completely refute claims that modern day nationalist Hindus say He imposed jizya on rajputs because they started to rebel He may have introduced jizya which his predecessors didn't but he also abolished taxes for pilgrimage of Hindus which his predecessor use to take He destroyed only temples that had political significance even Hindu Kings did follow this traditions Ironically he funded many temples at times from his own pocket Just because he was practicing Muslim and not a drunkard like other mughals you guys hate him Teg bahadur was constantly causing rebellion in Punjab and terrifying Muslim villages And seriously see in Spain you have no Muslims left after Christian's crusaded Muslims out completely if aurangzeb was such a bigot as people's say today 80% of population wouldn't had been Muslim Check Spain's religious data after Christian take over if you don't believe me He respected all Faiths but was a disciplined Muslims unlike his predecessors who were too much interested in drinking and dancing Under him India was a superpower with the greatest economy in world He unified 95% of today's Pakistan and India combine which RSS say akhand Bharat Under him Sanskrit was at a golden age Non Muslims were not given employment under him ? The office of mughals had the highest 33% Hindus in the highest position of power which is much more than 16% of his so called secular predecessors
but mam you are wrong here even aurangzeb had more no. of non muslim administrators ever had in mughal hsitoty
excuse me mam kya only 50 lessons hee hei apke course mei....kya medival history compleat ho gyi..
mam plz add objective mcq