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(Hindi) Medieval History Simplified Through Storytelling - Crash Course UPSC CSE


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Aartee Mishra

In this course we will start from early Medieval India to the Advent of Europeans. This course covers all the important topics in brief. Must watch for prelims and mains.


54 lessons • 6 h 41 m
Overview (in Hindi)

4m 37s

Arab conquest of Sindh 712 AD /Early mediaeval India/after death of Harshvardhan (in Hindi)

14m 12s

Mahmud of Ghazni - The Hero of Islam (in Hindi)

7m 21s

Mohammed Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan/ Battles of Tarain (in Hindi)

10m 22s

Causes of the downfall of Hindu kingdoms in India

8m 31s

Delhi Sultanate / Slave Dynasty started by Qutubuddin Aibak

6m 04s

The rule of Iltutmish and Era of Balban in in India

9m 01s

Razia Sultan / starting of hereditary succession in slave dynasty, Rule of Razia and revolt of Altun

6m 50s

Era of Balban / Ending of Slave Dynasty (in Hindi)

7m 19s

Founder of Tughlaq dynasty Jalaluddin khilji

7m 19s

Military , market and revenue reforms of Alauddin Khilji

7m 45s

Military campaigns of Alauddin khilji and his war with Mongols

8m 23s

Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq the founder of Tughlaq dynasty

7m 01s

Reforms of Muhammad bin Tughlaq & Firoz Shah Tughlaq / Agriculture Reforms

8m 36s

Saiyyad dynasty, The weakest Saiyyed Prince - Alam Shah (in Hindi)

6m 27s

Lodhi Dynasty founded by Bahlul Khan Lodhi and fall of Delhi Sultanate (in Hindi)

7m 27s

Central Government under Delhi Sultanate (in Hindi)

7m 39s

Socio-economic developments under different dynasty of Delhi Sultanate

6m 51s

Social life and position of Hindu Community

10m 04s

Development of music and literature (in Hindi)

5m 43s

Sufi and Bhakti movement in mediaeval India

6m 48s

Introduction of sufism and its origin

6m 13s

Comparison of Sufism and Bhakti movement

6m 50s

Kabir, Guru Nanak and Chaitanya's Teachings

6m 41s

Vijayanagar Empire founded by Harihara and Bukka

8m 15s

Battle of Talikota between Deccan Sultanate and vijayanagar Empire

11m 05s

Society, Economy and Cultural conditions under Vijayanagar

5m 03s

Bahmani kingdom and Deccan Sultanate (in Hindi)

6m 20s

Mughal Empire - The Beginning

6m 20s

The rule of Babur and Humayun, Battle of Chausa between Humayun and Sher Khan

7m 44s

Sur dynasty 1540 - 1555 started by Sher Shah Suri (in Hindi)

7m 37s

Administration and reforms by Sher Shah Suri, Re-establishment by Humayun

7m 09s

Akbar The Great - Golden period of Mughals (in Hindi)

6m 18s

Akbar's administration, Bandobast system of Akbar

6m 25s

Mansabdari system of Akbar and rule of Jahangir and Mehrunisa

7m 44s

Rule of Shah Jahan and Deccan policy

6m 08s

Aurangzeb's rule and his Harsh religious policy

6m 22s

Socio-economic conditions of India under Mughals

7m 12s

Brief description about Rise and fall of Maratha kingdom

6m 46s

Advent of Europeans in India

6m 38s

Entry of Portuguese in India and there settlements, The Portuguese and the Dutch trade in India

6m 13s

Dutch, Danes, English and French East India company Journey (in Hindi)

7m 51s

Anglo French Rivalry - The First Carnatic War. Anwarudin and Chanda sahib (in Hindi)

7m 47s

The Second Carnatic War and Treaty of Pondicherry (in Hindi)

7m 07s

The third Carnatic War, End of Anglo French rivalry (in Hindi)

6m 21s

Establishment of British power in India from Bengal

9m 13s

4 Golden rules to prepare for UPSC and 10 must have books

9m 31s

Mains answer writing tips for beginners, Most important things to remember while doing mains answer

6m 35s

7 days formula for notes making and revision - A scientific secret

6m 48s

Drain of Wealth by Europeans in India

7m 01s

Stress management during the exam preparation

6m 25s

Optional guidance for or each and every stream and background students

7m 55s

Which NCERT to read old or new?

6m 12s

Which optional to choose as per your background?

9m 13s



138 reviews

Sharda Gajanan Madyaswar

reviewed on May 27, 2019

Kindly complete this course mam The way you teach, visual presentation in the form of ppt, topic relevance and the chronology you follow is applaudable. Please complete the summary of medieval indian history on this platform, so that everyone can enjoy your class.


reviewed on May 27, 2019

Thank you. Aapki mehnat ke liye shabd nahi hai. Aap bahut achchhi educator hai bhagwan se dua hai ki jaldi se aapka ias me selection ho to aap ek achi civil servant bhi ban jaaye 🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👌

Shweta Kanungo

reviewed on May 27, 2019

mam please complete this course because you are a role model for the aspirants of UPSC who are not able to pay fees you are helping the students like me I am so thankful of you

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