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Analysis Of Indira Gandhi's Tenure As PM: Lesson 3
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I have explained and analysed Indira Gandhi's Tenure as PM

Ankit Singh Rathore
LL.B from 'Campus Law Centre', Delhi University. Legal Intern at High Court, Delhi

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thank you sir !@!@
can make this full course in hindi plz???
  1. Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi

  2. Course Proposed flow Prine Ministers Built the India of Today MAGYAR POSTA

  3. Ankit Singh Rathore Graduate (H) in Political Science Delhi University Major in International Law S LA Law from Campus Law Centre', North Campus, Delhi University Major in IPC, CrPC and Constitutional Law Fond of following Politics, Indian History and Culture Loves to Debate on various topics Legal Intern at High Court, New Delhi

  4. Economic Policies .Green revolution reached culmination .Promoted agricultural self-sufficiency New licensing requirements and restrictions imposed on the industry Aggressively expanded the public sector .Tightened public expenditure Targeted efficiency of State Owned Enterprises (SEO)

  5. Domestic Policies . Of Commercial Banks . Of Oil Banks Nationalisation Punjab into Punjab & Haryana Grant of statehood to Meghalaya, Manipur & Tripura Administration . Annexation of Sikkim . Declaration of J&K as constituent unit of India Social Policy . Law on 'Equal pay for equal work' for both men and women

  6. Defence Initiatives Suppressed communist insurgency Successful retaliation of Mizo uprising Settlement of Nagaland insurgency with Shimla Accord Authorisation of Nuclear Weapon's Development Successful execution of operation 'Smiling Budha Pacifying the global protest by describing the Pokhran Test for industrial and scientific purposes

  7. Foreign Relations Liberation of Bangladesh . Closer Soviet relations . India-Us ties grew distant Liberation War . Cordialties under PM Bandarnaike . Sour relations with PM Jaywardane . India alleged of supporting LTTE militants Sri Lanka . Strained relations post-Shimla Accord Pakistan Victory in Siachin conflict post the Meghdoot Operation

  8. Harbours of riticism PERIOD of EMERGENCY OPERATION BLUE STAR .Arrest of most of Opposition protesting jamail Singh, brought to prominence with Congress support, resorted to violence & later joined Akah Dal Police was granted powers to impose curfew & indefinitely detail citizens Publications were subjected to substantial censorship Singh's su Anandpur Sahib Resolution orters joined militancy in support of . After failed negotiations, Indira ordered Indian Army to enter Golden Temple for confronting the militants .Impending legislative assembly elections were Resulting Operation Blue Star led to damage of Temple & casualties indefinitely postpones and opposition-controlled state governments removed Indira practically ruled by decree Riots broke out in full swing

  9. Tenure Analysis .Green Revolution- agricultural self .Rule by Decree in Period of sufficiency Efficiency of SEOs Nationalisation of Banks & Oil Companies Equal pay for Equal work Pokhran Nuclear Test Victory in Bangladesh Liberation War Closer Indo-Soviet Union ties Emergency .Press-Censorship .Army invasion of the Golden Temple .