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All About Fifth and Sixth Five Year Plans in India {1974 to 1985} (in Hindi)

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Vikas Kumar Singh Tomar

Fifth Five Year Plan: I. Its duration was 1974 to 1979. II. In this plan top priority was given to agriculture, next came to industry and mines. III. Overall this plan was successful which achieved the growth of 4.8% against the target of 4.4%. IV. The draft of this plan was prepared and launched by the D.P. Dhar. This plan was terminated in 1978. 7. Rolling Plan: This plan was started with an annual plan for 1978-79 and as a continuation of the terminated fifth year plan. 8. Sixth Five Year Plan: I. Its duration was from 1980 to 1985. II. The basic objective of this plan was poverty eradication and technological self reliance. III. It was based on investment yojna, infrastructural changing and trend to growth model. IV. Its growth target was 5.2% but it achieved 5.7%.

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