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8 Practice Questions on Data Structures (in Hindi)
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This course will cover 100 Short Tricks To Learn Complexities Of Algorithms Easily.

Sweta Kumari is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sweta Kumari
YouTuber (channel : GATE NoteBook) | Verified Educator | 2+ year Online Teaching Experience

Unacademy user
u start the race but i don't know why u always put brakes. please continue 'these'ca courses
6 months ago
OK OK. ..
thx u created nice lectures
thank you this is aawesome
Sweta Kumari
2 months ago
thanks you mam for collection for all complexities mam please make a video for collection all space complexity
I remember all of them because of your short tricks mam
for binary search tree is o(n)
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