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6th May 2017: Daily MCQs on Verbal Ability (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, Binati has discussed daily MCQs to test verbal ability for CAT examination.

Binati Sheth
An Avid Reader. A Teacher. An Aid worker. An Engineer (E&C). A Writer. Budding Art Connoisseur. A philomath. A Shōnen Otaku.

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thanks mem nice lacture
Garima Mishra
a year ago
welcome baccha
  1. Hello! l am Binati Sheth You can find me on all Unacademy platforms @binati157

  2. Daily MCQs to test your Verbal Abilities

  3. Closest meaning: Stealthily done Devious Nefarious Surreptitious Villainous

  4. Closest meaning: Severely abusive writing in journals Imaginary Speculative Scurrilous Sarcastic 2

  5. Closest meaning: Call upon God or any other power (like law) etc. for help or protection Invocation Involution Inundation Revocation 3

  6. We have appealed to him again and again; there is no use floguing a dead horse now. flogging a dead horse no a) Repeating our request b) Making him see reason c) Beating about the bush d) Wasting time in useless effort 4

  7. lo have a c meanS a) One's nails are painted green b) One is artistic c) To have a natural Interest In gardening d) One has a green tattoo on the thumb 5

  8. Unless you dedicate your whole life to it, you will never learn to speak the language of another country to perfection; you will never know its people and its literature with complete intimacy. Which of the following is likely to undermine the above argument? 6 a) can speak 10 foreign languages already b) I do not travel to foreign countries c) I am happy with the languages I know and do not need to learn any other anguage I should spend time to understand my own people and literature firsf, d) only then can I appreciate other languages and cultures.

  9. The writer can only be fertile if he renews himself and he can only renew himself, if his soul is constantly enriched by fresh experience. Which of the following is most likely to support the above thought? 7 a) Only out fresh experience can the writer get germs for new writing. b) The writer can meet new people. c) The writer must see new places. d) A writer's soul can only be enriched if it is fertile

  10. Find the error in the sentence As she does not want to make / the issue public, she avoids / to meet people. 8