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29th May 2017: Daily MCQs on Verbal Ability (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, Binati has discussed daily MCQs to test verbal ability for CAT examination.

Binati Sheth
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thank you so much sir
  1. Hello! l am Binati Sheth You can find me on all Unacademy platforms @binati157

  2. Daily MCQs to test your Verbal Abilities

  3. opposite meaning : incidental permissible usual conventional intentional

  4. opposite meaning: tactful disciplined naive strict loose 2

  5. opposite meaning : fresh Faulty Sluggish Disgraceful Stale 3

  6. opposite meaning: busy Occupied Engrossed Relaxed Engaged 4

  7. opposite meaning radical Slow Superficial Narrow Simple 5

  8. Opposite meaning: audacity Quivering Patricide Bravado Cowardice 6 0

  9. opposite meaning : Unsullied papered tarnished soggy countlesS 7

  10. Opposite meaning Unruly obedient lined chatting Definite