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14th May 2017: Daily MCQs on Verbal Ability (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, Binati has discussed daily MCQs to test verbal ability for CAT examination.

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  1. Hello! l am Binati Sheth You can find me on all Unacademy platforms @binati157

  2. Daily MCQs to test your Verbal Abilities

  3. Liberated from colonial rule and founded as a separate country in 1825, by Simon Bolivar, the legendary Latin American revolutionary hero of Venezuelan origin whose name is consecrated in the country's name itself, Bolivia has known no fewer that 200 coups in its history and came close to a workers in the 1950s which failed but did open up a way for sweeping left-populist reforms. A. Written...havoc B. Tortured...revolution C. Agonised...uproar D. Suffering...pandemonium

  4. In 1915, Einstein succeede d in the theory of relativity to matter in acceleration, resulting in a new theory of gravitation, where mass was_as the curvature of space-time. A. Relating...considered B. Reaching...named C. Formulating...classified D. Extending...identified 2

  5. The dismal health and nutrition situation, implying a poor state of food and nutrition in both rural and urban India, needs to be on a war footing A Security addressed A. Security...addressed B. Value...directed C. Shares...attended D. standard...focused 3 D standard... .cused

  6. India's record in areas such as rather mixed, though, and the recent of malaria has been of infectious diseases across the developing world has found the country relatively unprepared. A. Curb...recovery B. Control...resurgence C. Mastery...renaissance D. Management...rebirths 4

  7. The writing of this period has not been as yet, so many as of our questions about this culture remain A. Deciphered...unanswered B. Decoded...inarticulate C. Interpreted...unrequited D. Understood...unreciprocated 5

  8. FIND THE ERROR John goes to the church/every Sunday and the church he goes to is/near the British Council Library 6

  9. FIND THE ERROR John Sullivan did not discover/Nilgiris/ but he was the first to see / their potential as a sanatorium. 7

  10. FIND THE ERROR The building/was very attractive / as it was/built of colorful stones. 8