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In this chapter, we'll discuss fifteen idioms and phrases.

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  3. Idioms and Phrases

  4. Bob Acres A coward (from Sheridan's the book, THE RIVALS) whose courage oozes out at the fingers' end. 61

  5. To get across someone To quarrel with or annoy a person . 62.

  6. To put or get something across Derived from theatre; to make something clear to someone, to convince someone of something; to get a plan accepted 63.

  7. Acrostic Poetry Hebrew (22 lines) poem or a poem where stanzas begin with the letters of the alphabet in succession 64,

  8. Act of God Came from legal terms; activities outside human control (no legal redressal) 65.

  9. Act of Truth An event following a solemn oath; a formal proof of truth.

  10. Act of Parliament A law or statue made by a Parliamentary action 67.

  11. Adam Elegant Neo-classical architecture and interior decoration (Adam brothers)

  12. The old Adam, the offending Adam The "original sinner" or a man without a regenerating grace

  13. Adam's needle Name given to plants that look spine like (eg Yucca) 74.

  14. Adam's peak A mountain in Ceylon where Mohammedan legend says Adam expiates his crime (after expulsion from Paradise) by standing at the foot of the mountain for 200 years until Gabrial took him to Mount Ararat where he found Eve. 75