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In this chapter, we’ll discuss fifteen idioms and phrases.

Binati Sheth
An Avid Reader. A Teacher. An Aid worker. An Engineer (E&C). A Writer. Budding Art Connoisseur. A philomath. A Shōnen Otaku.

Unacademy user
is this useful for English usage in IIFT entrance exam?
Binati Sheth
5 months ago
Not really. Knowledge of these words makes solving the questions easier. They aren’t absolutely necessary.
Gauri Dalvi
5 months ago
okay maam thank you
Binati Sheth
5 months ago
Best of luck!
Gauri Dalvi
5 months ago
thank you maam
Mam , is it important for CAT 2018 ?
Binati Sheth
7 months ago
If you started preparing in January ya, this would have helped greatly but right now, idioms and phrases are not cat’18 priority... more of a cat’19 thing.
Avinash Pandey
7 months ago
Mam , can you tell me what according to you would be the priorities?
Binati Sheth
7 months ago
RC and para jumble; stick to word power made easy for vocab
nice presentation mam.....
Binati Sheth
8 months ago
Thanks a lot:)
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  2. Idioms and Phrases

  3. 1. This letter is a modified form of the Egyptian hieroglyph, representing the Eagle 2. In logic, it denotes a universal affirmative 1.

  4. A1 first rate; the very best 2.

  5. A from a windmill To be very obtuse or ignorant. Possibly suggested by the similarity between the shape of a capital A and that of a distant tower windmill

  6. Alu / Aaru In ancient Egyptian religion, the fields of Alia, where food was grown for the dead to supplement the votive offerings of their descendants, correspond roughly with the Elysian fields in Greek mythology 4.

  7. Aaron's Beard The popular name of many wild plants 5

  8. Aaron's Rod The name given to various flowering plants; a name for the Divine Rod 6 .

  9. Aaron's serpant Something so powerful as to swallow up minor powers 7.

  10. Aback, To be taken aback To be astounded; taken by surprise (comes from a sailing metaphor) 8.

  11. ABC knowledge

  12. Abd In Arabic, slave or servant as Abdiel and Abdullah (servant of God)... Abd-el-Kadar (servant of the Mighty one) 10.

  13. Abe, Old or Honest Abe Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States from 1861-1865

  14. Abominable Snowman Name popularized by Shipton's Everest Expedition of 1951, for the Yeti, a rare, elusive and supposedly bear-like animal of the Himalayas 15

  15. About the size of it How matters stand; the facts of the case

  16. Above Board Honest and open .

  17. To be above oneself Temporarily more than orainary; high- spirited, self-confident, conceited 19.

  18. Abracadabra A cabalistic charm, said to be made up from the initials of the Hebrew words, Ab(father)- Ben(son)-Rauch Acadsch(Holy spirit); it was used against flux, toothache, etc. 20.