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2nd Report of 2nd ARC - MGNREGS act and its conclusion
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This lesson covers: 2nd Report of 2nd ARC - MGNREGS act and its conclusion.

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The word dalit which has the inherent meaning of "being oppressed" and is associated to the group of people who have been historically subjected to social, economic and political subjugation. When we deal with a multidimensional problem like this, taking into account each individual dimension separately and then together to create a holistic road map for creating a more inclusive growth scenario is the necessity. Any change has to start from the grassroots level. This can be achieved through i) education, literacy and awareness among all sections of the society focusing on the backward classes, ii) reducing the drop out rates and vigorous follow ups, iii) skill oriented education system iv) Increased support for employment by "Stand up India" and also providing easily available loans and technical support. Political empowerment can be achieved by spreading awareness among them about their political rights and also by improved political representation. Social empowerment includes education as well as improved health care facilities. Better opportunities in employment and higher education will also be a step in the right direction. Any change whether in a person or in society as a whole has to be from within. In this context NGOs and civil society can play a very pivotal role in helping the Govt by increasing outreach and also by increasing the scope for debate, discussion and deliberation. Hence, as Dr. B.R.Ambedkar had stated "social end-osmosis" is the need of the hour.
Hi Soumyadev, Very nice answer, well structured points. one suggestion is, you have given more weightage to first part of the question. In my point of view, it could have been much better, if you can point out why the government schemes are not able to achieve absolute success and how NGOs can help them. Apart from that your answer is really good especially I liked your conclusion. Keep writing and reviewing :)
Thanks for the inputs..appreciate it :)
sir please explain the meaning of : *piece rate system *target level of funds for panchayat *baseline survey
Please can you make a course for e-governance and government programmes related to it? I believe that it will be helpful to many aspirants. :)
Sir pls try to add some 15-20 mca for each issue that should be very useful to us
Kusum Chauhan
2 years ago
This topic is for mains( though not exclusive) so mcqs framed would not be much relevant.
waiting for the next topics too to be uploaded... hope u would do it as quick as possible.... and by the way ur lectures are awesome ????????
Respected sir.I request you to please complete the mcq course on history,geography and maps course rather than going to new courses.
Kuldeep Kumar
2 years ago
u can watch the same courses by other educators. these new courses r important for GS papers and essay paper so no need to stop.
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