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23rd March 2017: (Hindi)Editorial Analysis-HDI, happiness report, India-China relations
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Today's topic will focus on HDI, happiness report, India-China relations and Bangladesh genocide day.

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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man itne rules padhne pe error ke questions ho jayenge na
Sir ji, please makes ppt in these hand written notes, it help me in taking screen shot and its very comfy to compile these important news for mains. So that we can focus more on Prelims !! Prelims he nhi hua toh mains kaise de ge..... So please make ppt in hand written format. Its saves time for us :)
Sir ek bat khna tha ki aap jis tarah se summary kar dete h wo kitna useful hai, ham bta nhi skte, Kyuki esse phle to paper cover hi nhi kar pate the,,thank you so much sir
Sir ap th itne short me notes bnate h BT sir when I copy from slides of yours thn it's not like yours as specific plzz tell me sir wht is the problem
please sir upload it on YouTube continue so we can download and preserve for further reference
thank u so much for extra info from harward unv's study !! #More Power to u
  1. EDITORIAL ANALYSIS OF THE HINDU AND OTHER MAJOR NEWSPAPERS Presented by- Deepanshu Singh CSE & IFoS mains, Public Speaker NTSE topper and debating champion Avid traveller, fitness, music and fashion cognoscenti. rd 23 March 2017 Edit 100k Followers 15 Following

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  3. Daily Mains Answer writing practice questions 1) What are the significance of DPSP, Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties (word limit - 250 words ) 2) Why Nov 26 is chosen as constitutional day? What is the significance of the day celebrated?(Word limit: 200words) 3) National Science Day is celebrated on Feb 28 ? Discuss its importance and ways to promote its education (Word limit: 200words) 4) Write about the record breaking launch of 104 satellites by India(Word limit: 250 words) 5) Critically analyze the impact of railway, highway projects that pass through the forest.

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  7. Among unequals When the level of inequality is considered, the Human Development Index suffers a drop. For eg. India's fall is 27%. This compares well wit h BRICS & developing countries (-25%) Sri Lanka rises eight spots in IHDI as it is relatively'less unequal Overall loss (%) Diff. from^ HDI rank Country South Africa Pakistan (-)12 0.6660.435 0.55 0.579 0.624 0.754 0.561 0.766 34.7 0.38 0.412 0.45427.2 30.9 Bangladesh- 28.9 India Brazil Sri Lanka Russia Developing nations 0.668.499 25.2 Medium HDI nations 0.6310.469 25.7 Inequality adjusted HDI (IHDI) is calculated by adjusting HDI 25.6 11.6 9.8 (-)19 0.678 0.8040.725 parameters (life expectancy, education, standard of iving) for inequality in their distributions in the country's population Inequality-adjusted HDI (IHDI) figure for China not reported SOURCE: HDR REPORT 2016

  8. FAQ Rem mbering 1971 Why Bangladesh has annotnced a Genocide Day Remembering 197 gladesh has annothced a Genocide Day the Pakistan establishment ies committed by the hand over Paki tani troops and also STANLY JOHNY Why Genocide Day? It has refused to been a long-pending de- power to Sheikh Mujibur recommended that th mand in Bangladesh, by Kafhman who had won the government establish a political parties and civil 1970 election. The special court to further in society, to mark the atro Pakistani a cities committed by the Pakistani army on civilians Jamaat-e-Islami, unleashed happened. Even the com- in the then East Pakistan violence that night, target- mission's estimate of the during the Liberation War ing students and teachers casualties has been widelv n19, On March 11, the of Dhaka University and challenged. It put the Bangladesh Parliament neighbourhoods of Old death toll during the Liber passed a resolution calling Dhaka. According to some ation Wr at 26,000o on the government to ob- researchers, around 7,000 Banglades serve March 25 as Geno- people were killed and say up to three million cide Day. The governmen rmy, along with vestigate the army's ac local activists from the tions. This never hi authorities t 3,000 were arrested. Dur- people were killed and mil- of Prime Minister Sheikh ing the early hours of lions more displaced. The authorities Hasina approved the de- March 26, Mujibur Rah- Pakistani mand and said it would man declared the inde- haven't offe send two senior officials to pendence of Bangladesh, apology so far a formal j, the UN headquarters in which officially set off the New York and the UN Hu- Liberation War man Rights Council office in Geneva for international How did Pakistan respond recognition of the day Will this affect Bangladesh's relations with Pakistan? Bilateral to those events? Pakistan ties have been strained Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali after Bangladesh started What happened on March Bhutto set up a judicial prosecuting alleged war 25, 1971? On the night of comimission to find out the criminals who collabor- March 25, 1971, the atrocities committed by ated with the Pakistani Pakistani army, launched the army in East Pakistan. armyin 1971. With Pakistan Operation Searchlight in Justice Hamoodur Rahman still refusing to apologise, Dhaka aimed at curbing submitted his report in Bangladesh's move to get elements of the separatist 1974, which was not re- international recognition Bengali nationalist move leased to the public for for the genocide will have ment. East Pakistan was three decades. It doc - repercussions for bilateral already on the boll after mented large-scale atrocit- relations