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22 June 2019 Part 2
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Sudhir Gupta
Education is what remains after ones has forgotten what one has learned in school.

Unacademy user
To find unit place of (xyz) n (to the power n) 1. Divide the power by 4.. Ex., n÷4, 1. in case of no remainder, i) Check if z is odd(except 5) Then last digit is 1 ii) If z is even, last digit is 6. 2. If remainder is 1,last digit is ' z' ..3.if remainder is 2, last digit is square of z. 4. If remainder is 3,last digit is cube of Z. Ex., find the number in its unit place? (295073) to the power 130. 130÷4= remainder 2 Using rule number 2, square of z Last digit in given number is 3., So 3 square is 9. Number in the unit place is 9
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