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2018 માં યોજાએલ ઇન્ડિયન આર્મી ના મહત્વ ના યુદ્ધભ્યાસ
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Lekh Patel
First Verified Educator in GPSC category Top Educator "A little progress each day, Adds up to big result" Bachelor in Electrical Engineerin

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Spam Mail: spam email is any email that was not requested by a user but was sent to that user and many others, typically (but not always) with malicious intent. The source and identity of the sender is anonymous and there is no option to cease receiving future emails. Mail Merge: By using that option anyone can send same letter typed in MS Word to many people with changes, like address, name etc.
bangladesh, bhutan, India, myanmar, nepal, sri lanka, thailand
Lekh Patel
2 months ago