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1st January 2017 Part-1: Daily News Analysis
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NGT- Performance analysis n the Reasons behind stupendous performabce2

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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Sir, I am facing problem in biology. I have last 5 days then what should I do?
Mayank Pandey
10 months ago
read Lucent :)
Mayank Pandey
10 months ago
hey Shubham!! check out course by Suman Dixit - general science for RRB NTPC . Its really helpful for quick revision as she has covered almost all the topics . Go through it.
Shubham Agnihotri
10 months ago
Thank-you so much Sir.
shift of capital from New Delhi. With the recurrent pollution problem which the NCR faces every year, there is ever growing demand for shifting the capital from New Delhi to somewhere, which is geographically more central and environmentally more stable. History never repeats, but it rhymes. Muhammad Bin Tughluq shifted the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad (aka Devagiri) for administrative facilitation but the aftermath was devastating, his enterprise caused grave economic and political strain on the Tughluq empire and MBT was forced to shift the capital back to Delhi. Even the Britishers shifted the capital from Calcutta to New Delhi in 1911. However, the new city was formally inaugurated in 1931.And within sixteen years British rule came to an end in India. Today the socio-political, economic and to an extent environmental aspects have changed. But it would not be a vain idea to at least go through the pros and cons of shifting the capital from New Delhi to somewhere else. Geographically New Delhi is situated in the centre of North India. It's about 1000km away from Kashmir, while its distance from Tamil Nadu is about 3000km so it can be argued that for a better national integration the shift of the capital to somewhere in central-south India is inevitable.The ever-increasing pollution level in New Delhi may also go against it. However, shifting of the capital will come with a great economic burden as building a new will require large spending from the government's exchequer. It is well-established fact that everywhere in the world the NCR region is the most polluted and New Delhi is no exception. And in addition to this, there is no guarantee that the new capital will remain pollution free 40-50 years after its inception. As far as the distance of New Delhi from east and south India is concerned it can be addressed by connecting the capital to different parts of the country with high-speed rail and air networks. The UDAN scheme of the union government may be seen as an endeavour in this direction. Under the smart city scheme of GOI, the NCR can be planned, restructured and can be developed to be more eco-friendly. The pollution level in New Delhi can be brought down with an effective plan and a better coordination of the union, Delhi and adjacent state governments. As of now, a less radical step of having a different winter capital somewhere in central-south India might be seen as a temporary solution, until and unless the pollution menace in New Delhi mainly during winters is under control.
Do not waste your time in making policies for the GoI. Wherever the capital goes, pollution goes if you understand what I mean.. Pollution did not come to Delhi for historical reasons.. economic development, rise of industries, rise of power centres meaning more private and commercial vehicles on roads and the geographical positioning of Delhi were there are extreme winters, meaning less dissipation of pollutants in winter months is the only reason for the pollution.. I can make out from your comment that you are not a Delhiite.. and Yes I am proud Delhiite.. Pollution is not a problem of Delhi but the country.. If you can not respect the Capital of the Country then shifting it to some other place is a waste too.. It is always about resecting the institutions.. otherwise the constitution is a piece of paper and the Parliament and Supreme Court are mere buildings.. If you come here on these videos, I expect you might be civil service aspirant.. then act like one!!
Ak Sukla
a year ago
prevention of pollution is cheap solution rather than shifting capital to somewhere else
Ish rakh
a year ago
Shifting of capital for 6 months me bhi toh capital infra banana padega.shift 6 mahine ho ya 12 mahine same baat hi he
you mean that one another city should be made hell. let delhi people suffer if that do nt understand.
Quote should be written while making note from THE HINDU please tell me sir.Thank you so much for mentioning those things in your speech which are disappearing in the society. One more thank you for make us remember the duty of human being and service of IAS.
sir pls make a course on Markings of important news from Hindu newspaper that will publish in the morning so that we can read the important news by our own.
Bheekh maangte rehna bas!! Khud bhi padh lo.. Jatin bhai ko bhi padhna hota hai..
When you believe you can you're half way there - wishing everyone a happy new year!!!!
Slides presentation are getting better... Point wise, neat representations are more helpful... Thank you sir and happy new year!
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  3. Wish you all a Very Happy New Year Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day 2018

  4. want to be starting ganses, beiag LT ane.ranted to show the boss wht cE s bnat th Telegram Channel: For The Hindu PDF and Daily Mains Based Questions Secure https://www.facebook.comiatinverma0509 atin Ve erma Jatin Home Telegram (450) WORK HARD y hav plc Channel Info reve he g slay in silence, let success make the NOISE Jatin Verma 7071 members pe an Jatin Verma Edit Prof View Activity Log 0 nk h ause h Timeline About Friends PhotosMore /compose Postda Photo Video uve videorite Event what did you study at Panjab University, Link pur 4 lock e t stay What's on your mind? 0 items for you to ei Intro Public Notifications Knowledge is the only thing in this World that i both Recyelabe and yet non-biodegradabe Jatin Verma in Parihar reacbed to a rat Unacademy UPSC Hindu POF Copy fr A few seconds VIEW CHANNEL St Josepihs College Nainital New Dein, iedla Please find The Hindu PDF Copy for 1st January 2017.[For those,jinkey ghar akhbaar ri aata!1 Jatin Verma that

  5. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE UPSC Prelims Previous year Question: Pre-2005 Consider the following statements: 1. Articles 371 A to 371 I were inserted in the Constitution of India to meet regional demands of Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Mizoram, Arunachal ph Pradesh and Goa. he 2. Constitutions of India and the United States of America envisage a dual policy (The 8 Union and the States) but a single citizenship. 3. A naturalized citizen of India can never be deprived of his citizenship. Which of the above statements is/are correct? A. 1,2 and 3. B. 1and 3. C. 3 only D. 1only

  6. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Page-1: 'Maoist incidents fewer in 2017'. According to Home Ministry data, 851 incidents were reported till December 15 in 2017, compared to 1016 incidents during the corresponding period last year. The total number of incidents in 2016 was 1048. y hav ph.For the first time in more than a decade, in 2017 the incidents in left-wing extremism he (LWE) affected States remained below the 1,000 mark. reve slay Union Home Ministry attributed the decline to "attrition of various level cadres of Maoists" and the other to the possibility of Maoists "deliberately lying low." The violentincidents in the 10 LWE-affected States have always been above the 1,000 mark, with 2,258 the maximum number of incidents reported in 2009. . * or us hink h erent . The most incidents were reported from Chhattisgarh (353) and Jharkhand (240) .'Not attracting recruits' a pu K. Vijay Kumar, Senior Security Adviser, MHA said, "First of all, youths are no more enamoured to join the Maoists which has led to the attrition in cadres at all levels. They are not getting even 50% of the recruits they got earlier. The other reason could be strategic: to lie low. rk and t sta

  7. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th imp On the wane 2500 2,258 Source: MHA 2009 saw the most There has been a 2000- steady decline in cases of left-wing extremism as many 1500 cadres left Maoist organisations. As per official data, 851 incidents were reported in 500 2017 till December 15 y hav pho reve he g slay cases of LWE 1,048 or us hink h cause h erent 1000 1,208 Left-wing extremism cases across India (2001-2016) a pur rk and t sta 0 2001 2009 2016 ch esthat

  8. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Several instances of top Maoist leadership siphoning off money and running extortion rackets has also attributed to their decline A culmination of what began in 2004: Nothing happened in a year's time. In 2004 when all Maoist organisations merged, for y hav two years they planned many attacks. By 2010, maximum attrition took place and from reve there on there has been a steady decline. The Border Security Force (BSF) deployed for anti-Maoist operations apart from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) established base at four new locations in Odisha and Chhattisgarh. Leaders ailing' A senior Home Ministry official said the top Maoist leadership was ageing and many suffered from ailments. The recruitments were also at an all-time low as security forces had penetrated many territories in the past decade he slay . or us hink h cause h erent a pu rk and t sta

  9. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE Page-2: Air pollution, Ganga and Yamuna rejuvenation kept NGT busy . Courting controversies with orders on regulating Hindu pilgrimage to sparing none, Ga.with ofds At of 2011 a15 including Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Art of Living for damaging the Yamuna floodplains, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in 2017 also castigated the NDA government for failing to rejuvenate the holy Ganga. Not only did the verdict on Ganga bring embarrassment for the Union government but the green panel's remarks that "non- cooperation" and "lack of will" of its instrumentalities were resulting in "inordinate delay" in cleaning the stretch of river Yamuna also put it on the backfoot. While milestone judgements like refusing to lift the ban on 10-year-old diesel vehicle brought kudos from environmental experts, a pro-active NGT drew the ire of Hindu sated Yai . brouph milest Pl it on 'eul a pur religious groups for capping the number of pilgrims at Vaishno Devi and asking devotees to maintain silence in front of the shivalinga at Amarnath. Taking note of sound pollution caused by the use of loud speakers at religious places, including mosques, the NGT directed strict adherence to the guidelines on noise pollution and ordered action in case of any violations. t sta es " Pollti ont

  10. anted to show the boss whatcE NGT A Proactive and zealous institution: What differentiates it from other s bnat th institutions? Q. Critically analyse the performance of National Green Tribunal. Why is NGT able to perform relatively better than other Tribunals? [200 Words] I. Judges of Supreme Court as Chairpersons/members y hav reve he g 2. Context/ present times: Environmental emergency. 3 Legislation: NGT Act, 2010. Way forward:An amendment was brought about to NGT Act 2010 by Finance At to dilute the independence of NGT. or us hink h cause h erent a pu rk and

  11. Institution-Check s bnat th National Green Tribunal is a statutory body established by a Government Notification using the powers of Section 3 of the NGT Act 2010. It has replaced National Environment Appellate Authority y hav ph-Organisation Structure: he -It has a full time chairperson reve slay At least 10 and maximum 20 Full time Judicial members At least 10 and maximum 20 Full time Expert Members Qualification for Chairperson The person should have been either a Judge of India's Supreme Court or Chief]ustice of or us hink h cause h erent a High Court in India. Qualification for Judicial member(s) a pu A Judge of Supreme Court of India, Chief Justice of High Court, Judge of a High Court rk and

  12. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th ualification for Expert members Either a degree in Master of Science (in physical sciences or life sciences) with a Doctorate degree or Master of Engineering or Master of Technology OR an experience of 15 years in the relevant field and administrative experience of fifteen y hav phe years in Central or a State Government or in a reputed National or State level institution. egAppointment of members is done by Central Government in the following manner: reve Chairperson of NGT is appointed by the Central Government in consultation with the Chief slay Justice of India. Jurisdiction/: The jurisdiction of NGT emanates from following Acts 1. The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974; 2. The Water (Prevention and Control o[Pollution) Cess Act, 1977; 3. The Forest (Conservation) Act, 4. The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981; 5. The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986; or us hink h erent a pu rk and t sta 6. The Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991; 7. The Biological Diversity Act, 2002.

  13. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Page-3 East: Turtle smuggling racket busted in Odisha Environment & Ecology Indian soft shell turtles are protected under the Wildlife Act 1972 as Schedule 1 animals. y hav phe Page 5: New night frog species found eFrogs in the genus Nycti- batrachus, commonly known as night frogs, are found only in reve slay the Western Ghats mountain range. The addition of the Mewa Singh's night frog to this group brings the total number of night frogs to 36. A new frog from Kerala is the latest contribution to the spurt in amphibian discover ies across India: scientists have just discovered the Me wa Singh's night frog, be longing to a genus endemic to the Western Ghats, from Kozhikode's Malabar Wil dlife Sanctuary. or us . erent a pu The new night frog Nyctibatrachus mewasinghi is light brown in colour with an off- white underside, and sports faintly wrinkled skin with prominent granular projections. rk and t sta . The frog has been named after wildlife scientist Mewa Singh, in honour of his contributions to behavioural ecology and primate studies.

  14. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE The Supreme Court defined its policy on films & observed that the court did not want to step on the toes of the CBFC and wanted the statutory body to come to an independent and considered decision on certifying Padmavati The court said the judiciary cannot and should not stop a statutory body like the CBFC buat th y hav 0 0 phe from doing its duty by "prematurely" ordering a stay on its release. reve slay or us hink h cause h rk and t sta ch esthat

  15. 7th August 2017: Nine High Courts oppose all-India ludicial service Nine high courts have opposed a proposal to have an all-India service for lower judiciary, eight have sought changes in the proposed framework and only two have supported the idea. The document, sent to all members of the parliamentary consultative committee on law and justice, also states that most of the 24 high courts want control over the subordinate judiciary. Government has given a fresh push to the long-pending proposal to set up the new service to have a separate cadre for lower judiciary in the country. The idea was first mooted in the 1960s. The Allahabad, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Manipur, Meghalaya, Orissa and Uttarakhand high courts have suggested changes in age at induction level, qualifications, training and quota of vacancies to filled through the proposed service. Most of the high courts want the administrative control over the subordinate judiciary to remain with the respective high courts. There were vacancies of 4,452 judges in subordinate courts in the country as per the figures released on December 31, 2015. While the sanctioned strength is 20,502, the actual number of judges and judicial officers in subordinate courts is 16,050. Adoption of the model followed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for conducting the National- Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses could also be explored.

  16. anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Page-11: More channels to train teachers With 13.6-lakh untrained teachers registering with the National Institute of Open Schooling to get trained by 2019 to retain their jobs, the Union government has chalked out a programme to roll out televised lectures in regional languages and enable them to y hav interact with experts in the studios during the lecture reve he gSince many schools had come up after the launch of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and the slay RTE, many teachers without requisite training had been hired. . Some had studied iust till school . They were given five years to train themselves, but many have not acquired the training erent till now. . The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (Amendment) Act, 2017, a pu mandates teachers to acquire B.El. Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) or D. El. Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education) qualifications by May 31, 2019, to retain their jobs. The NIOS, an autonomous organisation under the Ministry, is tasked with training these teachers.

  17. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE 2 s bnat th Till now, the government had one DTH channel in English and Hindi- of the 32 channels for telecasting educational programmes -dedicated to teacher training, as part of its Swayam Prabha initiative. pho reve he g slay or us hink h cause h a pu rk and t sta ch esthat

  18. anted to show the boss whatcE Cluster focus .As many as 50 clusters have been identified for enhanced access to financing s bnat th . Small Industries Development Bank of India has revamped the portal, so that banks compete for financing MSME projects. y hav pho reve hegAbout Udvami Mitra: slay Under the portal entrepreneurs can apply for loan without physically visiting bank branches. It also has facility for uploading all necessary documents. * Through the portal the MSMEs can seek handholdingsupport for getting finance. The or us hink h cause h erent can also select and apply for preferred banks. Through the portal, the MSMEs can select from over 1 lakh bank branches, track their application status and avail multiple loan benefits. . a pu rk and

  19. anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Page-13 In Brief: 5 firms to get DoT notice for Rs. 2.578 cr. Recover The Department of Telecom will issue notices to five telecom operators to recover Rs.2,578 crore, in the wake of the CAG red flagging understatement of revenues by the firms. As per the CAG report tabled in Parliament, Tata Teleservices, Telenor, Videocon y hav phe Telecom, Qaudrant and Reliance Jio have understated revenues by more than Rs. 14,800 he crore, resulting in a shortfall of nearly Rs.2,578 crore to the exchequer. reve slay Why & How: . CAG observed that telecom operators deducted discounts offered to dealers and customers; free talktime; interest earned from investments and some asset sales from their gross revenue. As per the auditor, these should have been part of the adjusted gross revenue (revenue earned from telecom services) for calculation of the licence fee and SUC. CAG said these expenses are in the nature of marketing spends and cannot be deducted from revenue meant for calculating the government's share. The auditor found that Tata Teleservices had written off bad debt that resulted in understatement of its gross revenue by Rs 1,026.01 crore. or us cause l erent a pu rk and .

  20. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Page-14 Expainer: Why is the Fiscal deficit widening? The government's fiscal deficit up to November came in at 112% of the amount budgeted for the entire financial year ending in March, prompting a number of commentators to predict that the government would miss its target for the year. y hav phe Fiscal Deficit Total Expenditure-Total Revenue heWhat does it mean? slay The government missing its fiscal deficit target for the year means that either the revenue it collected fell short of projections, or that its expenditure was higher than planned. The data from the Controller General of Accounts shows that the government's expenditure seems to be on track. That is, it has spent 68.9% of the amount budgeted for the year, with four months remaining. In other words, it has 31% of its budgeted expenditure left for the remaining 25% of the year. The revenue side, however, seems to be where the issue is, at only 53% of the full- year target. Looking deeper, the data shows that the government's non-tax revenue, at only 36.5% of the year's target, is lagging behind last year's performance, where it had earned 54.2% of that year's non-tax reve n u e target by November or us hink h cause l erent . a pu rk and t sta ich

  21. anted to show the boss whatcE Is a slippage such a bad thing? Even a 0.5% slippage in the fiscal deficit would be okay as long as it is being driven by an s bnat th increase in expenditure on developmental activities such as rural roads, irrigation, and st housing. y hav phc Even though ratings agency Moody's recently upgraded India, it did say that it would be he g tracking the fiscal situation, so any significant slippages could result in a downgrade inthe reve slay future. or us hink h cause h erent a pu rk and

  22. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th Business Page 14: Corporatisation of food The 'World Food India' conference was held in Delhi in November. . 'PepsiCo Leads 8,000 Crore plans for Food Sector, read one media headline during the conference. Hundreds of corporations vend food, indiscriminate consumption of which creates digestive disorders, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Processed and packaged food can be especially challenging to our health as these also contain, in addition to chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, excessive amounts of sugar, salt and oil. Our government would outsource food to these corporations fully if left to themselves, instead of establishing ecosystems for family farmers to grow food without chemicals and undertaking the hard work of pushing and incentivising peasants to diversify their y hav phe reve slay or us hink h erent production from wheat and rice to a range of rapidly disappearing traditional foods (like rk and millets) and more lentils, fruits and vegetables.

  23. want to be starting ganses, beiag anted to show the boss whatcE buat th Food processing to be major growth area: consumer choices to fuel change, says FM', read another media headline. Arun Jaitley has said "the farm to kitchen chain is going to change in India, with ncreased agricultural production and changing consumer preference". The consumer y hav p he he refers to isn't the marginal and small peasant, the landless dalit, the adivasi in the forest or the urban poor. reve slay These corporations, with little interest in the health of consumers, are going to change preferences, to more sugared beverages, more potato chips, more chocolates, more fried snacks. If outsourcing the change of consumer preferences to corporations isn't a or us erent recipe for a publichealth disaster, what is? Inequitable distribution What is smothered by the development discourse is the critical issue of health sovereignty; we are ceding our rights to eat healthy, fresh, chemical-free, unprocessed foods to corporations. a pu rk and t sta ch

  24. anted to show the boss whatcE s bnat th The absence of labeling on 99.9% of all food today that is grown with overdoses of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, preserved with chemicals, sugars, salts and fats. These hold no warning that consuming them over a lifetime will destroy our health The larger picture is quite bleak with little hope of redemption; therefore, all the more reason that individuals must act for themselves. . y hav reve he g . We and our children must beware of food or drink that comes in a package, and we slay must be mindful of who benefits from our purchases. We must ask difficult questions of a system that produces the chemically poisoned food we consume, and of a government that outsources publichealth to corporations who package and process unhealthy food. . or us hink h cause h erent Finally, we must commence our very personal journey of discovery by engaging with a neighbourhood organic farm. a pu rk and

  25. anted to show the boss whatcE imp s bnat th y hav pho reve he g slay or us hink h cause h a pu rk and