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1st April 2019 Part-1: Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
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Jatin Verma
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sir, can u plz update news daily, because its now 15th april. and the updated news on your channel is of 11th april
essential commodities act on concurrent list sir and this was done by constitution amendment in 1971
Thanku sir :) Plz update here April (Hindi) March 2019: The Hindu - Daily News Analysis by Jatin Verma : UPSC
Sir kindly give the analysis for 12 & 13 April
thank you sir current affair ko itna easy Kiya sir
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  3. hut t Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base) GSM 1 1. Page 7: Going back to the salt pans of Mumbai ph y has reve GSM 2 1. Page 1: Release list of convicted officials, CIC orders Customs Department GSM 3 1. Page 1: A bond for life to save a garden in Mumbai ink h cause ferent 2. Page 1: Jet Airways pilots defer strike plan 3. Page 5: Andhra Pradesh MPs have highest average annual income: report 4. Page 7: SC suspends eco clearance for international airport in Goa 5. Page 7: Spider research yet to pick up pace in India, say experts pLu kand es that

  4. hut t Page 7: Going back to the salt pans of Mumbai Context A group of enthusiasts recently relived a part of history by participating in a salt pan walk at Wadala organised by the Asiatic Society of Mumbai. y has ph Significance e Mahatma Gandhi led the famous Salt Satyagraha by marching 241 miles to Dandi along with rev 80 people to break the salt law imposed by the British. About Mumbai's salt pans Mumbai has been known for its salt pans from Shivaji Maharaj to the Britislh cause ferent The city's salt pans are spread from Wadala to Mahul, Kanjurmarg to Vikhroli and Goregaon to Bhavander, On the eastern side, the British had built a narrow-gauge railway between Mahul and Wadala put and from Vikhroli towards Thane to collect and transport salt. Remains of these tracks are visible in some places. During Gandhi's salt satyagraha in 1930, many locations in Mumbai witnessed the civil disobedience movement, but the satyagraha at Wadala salt pan was the most prominent . kand sesthat

  5. and he prosbly hoser Un hut t Thousands of satyagrahis would gather at the Wadala salt pans and often face brutal lathi charge. Significance of salt Sat was the first commodity that was traded y has ph reve. It plays an important role in our body. The words salary and soldier have originated from salt. In ancient Rome, soldiers were given money to buy salt, which was expensive but essential and sometimes even paid in salt. ink h cause ferent :.Salt pans play a significant role in the ecology of the city . Salt pans have different species of birds and insects thriving on them. . They have an enormous water-holding capacity that helps in flood control. . The communities that work on salt pans have their own songs revolving around them. Threat pLu kand With the government's plan to use the salt pans for affordable housing projects, they no face a threat of extinction. es that

  6. hut t Page 1: Release list of convicted officials, CIC orders Customs Department What is the issue? A Right To Information request was made to the Chief Commissioner of Customs in Amritsar, asking for information on officers caught, convicted or jailed for smuggling over y has reve the last 10 years. The Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) responded by saying that the data requested In response to questioning in the appeal case, the CPIO also said no such list of convicted What did the CIC say? "pertained to personal information of employees," and hence could not be provided. officers was maintained by the Department, cause ferent The Central Information Commission (CIC) directed the Customs Department to make public the list of officers caught red-handed smuggling gold and heroin, and for other illegal activities. The CIC also called for making public the details of officers convicted or jailed for giving false statements or evidence. pLu kand sesthat

  7. hut t It also said the information should be disclosed voluntarily "for the sake of transparency and . Citing prior cases, CIC held that "such information cannot be held as a personal information Ping out that the purpose of the RTI Act was to make public authorities more transparent accountability in the public authority." and such information deserves to be given to expose the corrupt person in the public." y has eand accountable to the public, the CIC directed the department to release the requested information as it was "in the larger public interest and instrumental in achieving good governance". cause ferent pLu kand es that

  8. hut t Institution Check Central Information Commission The Central Information Commission and State Information Commission have been constituted by the Central Government with effect from 2005 under the Right to Information Act, 2005. y has reThey are the designated authority to receive and inquire into a complaint from any person. The Supreme Court has, in various judgements, held that the right to information is a part of the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression under Article 19 (1) of the Constitution. Composition & Appointment The Central Information Commission shall consist of: * The Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) * Central Information Commissioners not exceeding 10 as may be deemed necessary - They are appointed by the president on the recommendation of a committee consisting of: ink h cause ferent pLu kand .(i) The Prime Minister, who shall be the Chairperson of the committee; (ii) The Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha ; and (iii) A Union Cabinet Minister to be nominated by the Prime Minister. sesthat

  9. hut t 5.4.11 Recommendations: Question. Critically comment on the working of RTI Act 2005. [200 words] Suo motu disclosures should also be available in the form of printed, priced publication in the official language, revised periodically (at least once a year). Such a publication should be available for reference, free of charge. In respect of electronic disclosures, NIC should provide a single a. y has rev portal through which disclosures of all public authorities under appropriate governments could be accessed, to facilitate easy availability of information. b. Public Records Offices should be established as an independent authority in GOI and all States within 6 months by integrating and restructuring the multiple agencies currently involved in record keeping. This Office will be arepository of technical and professional expertise in management of public records. It will be responsible for supervision, monitoring control and inspection of record keeping in all public offices. cause h ferent pLu Public Records Office would function under the overall supervision and guidance of CIC/SIC. c. kand d. As a one time measure, GOI should earmark 1% of the funds of all Flagship Programmes for a period of five years for updating records, improving infrastructure, creating manuais and establishing the Public Records Offices. (An amount not exceeding 25% of this should be utilized for awareness generation.) sesthat

  10. hut t Page 1: A bond for life to save a garden in Mumbai Context South Mumbai residents deployed a novel idea to register their protest against the city's ambitious Coastal Road project. pl What was the new idea? he g In an approach merging Sunderlal Bahuguna's Chipko movement and Munnabhai MBBS Gandhian semantics, around 200 residents tied pieces of cloth as rakhis to over 100 trees in the Tata Garden on Bhulabhai Desai Road. What is the Coastal Road project? The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, or BMC, has begun work on the 9.98 km coastal road that will run from Marine Drive at the city's southern end to Worli, where it could connect to the sea link road that runs up to Bandra What are the issues? . Close to half of the green lung will be lost to the project. cause ferent pLu kand Fishermen and residents say the the new road will alter localities as well as the coastline. Activists have voiced concern that the large-scale reclamation for the project will lead to flooding in these areas sesthat

  11. hut t * Why was Jet airways in trouble? 1. As many flights started flying in the mid 2000s, offering no-frills, yet on-time flights, Jet Airways began dropping fares, some to below cost. 2. Provincial taxes of as much as 30 per cent on jet fuel added to its expenses, while price- y has cscious Indian travellers refused to pay a premium for on-board meals and entertainment. 3. Unlike budget operators, full-service airlines such as Jet Airways offer such amenities mostly for free. Consequence Jet Airways lost money in all but two of the past 11 years and has Rs 72.99 billion (S1 cause ferent billion) of net debt. It defaulted on loans that were due by December 31 and has delayed pavments to staff and lessors. Nearly 50 planes have been grounded owing to the non-payment of lease rentals, while others are inoperable because of maintenance issues that have led to large-scale flight cancellations pLu kand Jet's financial distress, combined with the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes, has resulted in as many as 60 planes being removed from the domestic market and an 8% fall in capacity sesthat

  12. hut t Banks resolution plan State Bank of India (SBI), the biggest lender to Jet Airways (India) Ltd, has proposed a new plan to revive the ailing carrier that involves a total fund infusion of t9,535 crore, and the exit of founder Naresh Goyal and Etihad Airways PJSC y has oThe resolution plan also proposes a complete exit of Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways, as he# well as large haircuts for lenders, including a write-off of debt by the domestic lenders to Jet : Airways. According to the new plan, both Goyal and Etihad will transfer all their shares, 51% and . 24% stakes, respectively, in the airline to an independent trust managed by trustees, who ink h cause h ferent will be appointed by the lenders. The trustees will have a call option on the shares owned by the trust at 50 apiece. . The resolution plan is subject to approval by various stakeholders. What is a call option? A call option is a pact between two parties wherein the buyer earns a right to exercise the option to purchase a particular asset from the call option seller within a set period of time. Once the buyer exercises the option, the seller has to sell the asset at the originally agreed price. pLu kand sesthat

  13. want f be start hut t Of the 479 parliamentarians, 98 have declared 'business' as their profession and 91 have said that they are farmers. In all, 16 MPswho declared their profession as actor, filmmaker or singer-have the highest average annual self-income of more than 1.06 crore. 40 (800) MPs who have declared their profession as agriculture and business have the second highest average annual self-income of 75.24 lakh. Two MPs from Goa have declared the lowest average annual income of75.2 lakh, followed by 33 MPs from Tamil Nadu with an average of 7.2 lakh Ama . phx he.. rev 106 MPs have declared their educational qualification as a graduate. The average annual income of these MPs is R41.28 lakh There are six MPs who have declared their educational qualification as Class V Pass and their annual income is R1.41 crore. In all, 150 MPs are between 46-55 years of age and they have an average annual income of #40.54 lakh ink h cause h ferent pLu . kand The 54 MPs who are between 66-75 years of age have declared an average of f16.72 lakh as their average annual income sesthat

  14. hut t Page 7: SC suspends eco clearance for international airport in Goa Context Supreme Court suspended the environmental clearance granted for an international airport at Mopa in Goa. y has ph reve What did the Supreme Court say? The health of the environment is key to preserving the right to life. Every branch of governance and institutions across the country should strive to enforce 'environmental rule of law' for both intra and inter-generational equity. While the most direct effect of a strong rule of law is protection of the environment, a firm regime against environmental exploitation would "strengthen rule of law more broadly, support sustainable economic and social development, protect public health, contribute to'u peace and security by avoiding and defusing conflict, and protect human and constitutional rights.' Transparency is necessary for the robust enforcement of environmental rule of law. The rule of law requires a regime which has effective, accountable and transparent . ink h cause h ferent kand 95 . institutions sesthat

  15. hut t What was the case? The State of Goa, the Centre and the concessionaire had highlighted the need for the new . airport to accommodate the increasing volume of passengers. They had urged the court to disregard the "flaws" in the Environment Impact Assessment y has p(EIA) process. . They had argued that setting up a new airport was a "matter of policy." The SC's repl The role of the decision-makers is to ensure that every important facet of the environment is cause ferent adequately studied and that the impact of the proposed activity is carefully assessed. The court said there was a failure of due process. pLu kand es that

  16. hut t Page 7: Spider research yet to pick up pace in India, say experts News: New species of spiders found in Mumbai. Species name: Jerzego sunillimaye What are they? They are a species of jumping spiders. y has ph Other species of jumping spiders such as the Langelurillus Onyx, Langelurillus Lacteus both described in 2017-and Piranthus decorus- were recorded for the first time in 122 years in the area. Arachnologists: They are specialists in spiders and related animals. Significance of spiders . Spiders are important creatures as they are pest-controllers. ink h cause ferent pLu They are like the tigers of the microhabitat world. Ping them out could cause ecological imbalance. Statistics: While there are 4,800 species of spiders in the world, India alone accounts for 1,800 > spider species kand es that