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19th August 2016: Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Covers topics like payment banks, PAVA shells, yoga research projects, etc.

Mahnaz Chishti
B.Tech (ECE), UPSC Mains 2016, Paper published in IEEE, Urdu Shayari, Origami, Calligraphy, Travelling, Poetry

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sir ye relation and functions class 12 ka hein Kya
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
this is for jee main and advanced ...this lecture is for 11 .. there are other lessons for 12th
Thanks a ton, requesting for an art and culture august specific current affair

  2. ABOUT ME BTech (ECE) from LPU, Punjab Published paper in IEEE Mains 2016 Hobbies: Origami, Travelling, Poetry FREE COURSE Rate, Review and Recommend Follow

  3. FRONT PAGE 1.3 million pellets used in 32 days. CRPF tells High Court The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) told the Jammu and Kashmir High Court on Thursday that it used 1.3 million pellets in 32 days in Kashmir to control street protests. PAVA stands for Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide, also called Nonivamide, and is an organic compound found characteristically in natural chilli pepper. The shells have been under trial for almost a year now at the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, a Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) laboratory in Lucknow Scoville scale (the degree to measure the power of chill)

  4. NEWS NAM principles more relevant novW NAM Venezuela is counting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's attendance at this year's Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) meeting in September, despite reports he is unlikely to, said visiting Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez on Thursday The organization was founded in Belgrade in 196. India: and Yugoslavia. The first large-scale Asian- African or Afro-Asian Conference-also known as the Bandung Conference was a meeting of Asian and African states, most of which were newly independent, which took place on April 18-24, 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia. Indonesia: Egypt; Ghana; "The Non-Aligned principles are today more relevant than ever: So we are sure that India will attend NAM and attend at the highest level," the Venezuelan Foreign Minister said. Government's offer of supplying Venezuela much needed pharmaceutical products in exchange for oil. The conference was an important step toward the Non-Aligned Movement. No Indian PM apart from then caretaker Prime Minister Charan Singh in 1979 has missed a NAM summit since it was formed in 1961.

  5. NEWS Centre funding 16 yoga research projects Students can access answer sheet under RTI The Department of Science and Technology has funded a wide range of research institutions-including the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and the Haridwar-based Patanjali Research Foundation,-to study the efficacy of yoga and whether it has a role in alleviating stroke, type-2 diabetes, Parkinson's and schizophrenia. The Supreme Court has asked the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to scrupulously" follow its 2011 judgment that it is a student's fundamental and legitimate right" to access to Information Act. his answer sheets under the Right The 2011 judgment had held that there SATYAM -(Science and Technology of existed a fiduciary relationship between the examining body and the student. Yoga and Medicine), has been conceived to develop good science around yoga and has nothing to do with religious beliefs. SATYAM- has been launched to strengthen research in the areas of yoga and meditation.

  6. NEWS 73% of Law Ministry budget goes for poll work Cant avoid pesticides, say farm experts Almost 73 per cent budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Law and Justice for the current financial year has been earmarked for election- related expenses Experts say their judicious use, combined with safe agricultural practices, is the only way out as the country's growing demand for food cannot be met through organic farming. v The Access to Justice" project is being implemented in the eight North-Eastern States and Jammu and Kashmir There must be efforts therefore to create awareness among farmers about the scientific use of pesticides The objectives of the project are to address the legal needs of the marginalised and vulnerable sections of society, particularly women, children, and Scheduled Castes and tribal communities who do not have the requisite means to ensure that their rights are guaranteed Educating the farmers and agriculture labourers for minimizing the use of pesticides and strengthening our agriculture research and extension system is the need of the hour. It also aims at supporting justice delivery systems in improving their capacities in order to serve the people, in empowering ordinary people to demand improved services, and to access their rights and entitlements, besides encouraging innovative activities to enhance legal awareness of vulnerable populations, and their ability to seek redress.

  7. BUSINESS LIFE India Post Payments Bank set for 2017 start Giant helium-filled hybrid airship completes its maiden flight in U.K. India Post Payments Bank has received the certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Companies, paving the way for the postal department's bank to begin operations in 2017 as announced. A blimp-shaped, helium-filled airship -considered the world's largest aircraft - has flown for the first time with a short but historic jaunt over an airfield in central England. v This will be the first public sectorEngines roaring, the 302-foot Airlander undertaking under the Department of Posts. 10 rose slowly into the air on Wednesday from Cardington airfield, 73 kilometres north of London. nicknamed the flying bum" because of its bulbous front end

  8. LIFE Sunshine, seaweed help to break down dye waste from textile factories Scientists at the Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI), Bhavanagar, Gujarat have been able to completely degrade three industrial dyes methyl orange, methylene blue and reactive black-5 -in the presence of sunlight. The researchers developed a photocatalyst using titanium dioxide doped with red seaweed polymer carrageenan to degrade the dyes The nano composite photo-catalyst can safely and completely treat harmful dyes in an eco- friendly and cost-effective manner