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17th May 2017: Daily MCQs on Verbal Ability
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In this lesson, Binati has discussed daily MCQs to test verbal ability for CAT examination.

Binati Sheth
An Avid Reader. A Teacher. An Aid worker. An Engineer (E&C). A Writer. Budding Art Connoisseur. A philomath. A Shōnen Otaku.

Unacademy user
sir Barc k ques discuss kre na
Kartik Bhardwaj
2 years ago
barc k questions ni aate..
Hello Ma'am In 2nd que A will be a more appropriate ans instead of B as the tense suggests.
Binati Sheth
2 years ago
Answer is D (I re-checked my question source, there was no accompanying explanation unfortunately). According to A....As lightening accompanies thunder, so in my character, a flash of humor, was mingled with the mutterings of my wrath... why I believe this is just marginally incorrect is thunder is being used to refer to the rare flashes of humor that makes an appearance in the sky that is your character. Also why these questions bowl good English speakers over is because we always try to stick to the rules of grammar but in these questions, the aim is to form a coherent thought and not necessarily a perfect grammatical one. I completely agree with your point. The tense does suggest a transition depicted by option A but coherent thoughts ::Insert bombing sounds:: Happy learning :)
  1. Hello! l am Binati Sheth You can find me on all Unacademy platforms @binati157

  2. Daily MCQs to test your Verbal Abilities

  3. People (P) at his dispensary (Q) went to him (R) of a11 professions (S) for medicine and treatment A. RQSP B. QPRS C. QRPS D. RPQS

  4. As lightning accompanies thunder (P) was mingled with (Q) so in my character (R) the mutterings of my wrath (S) a flash of humour 2 A. QSPR B. PRSQ C. QPRS D. QRPS

  5. Recently (P) containing memorable letters of Churchill (Q) a book (R) has been published (S) by a reputed publisher A. QPRS B. PQRS C. QRPS D. RQPS 3

  6. All religions are (P) to advance the cause of peace (Q) in a holy partnership (R) justice and freedom (S) bound together A. PQRS B. PRQS C. SPQR D. SQPR 4

  7. It was true that (P) the pet dog (Q) would never sleep anywhere (R) we once had (S) except on the sofa A. RPQS B. SPQR C. PRQS D. PQSR 5

  8. As lightning accompanies thunder (P) was mingled with (Q) so in my character (R) the mutterings of my wrath (S) a flash of humour A. QSPR B. PRSQ C. QPRS D. QRPS 6

  9. The boy (P) with big blue eyes (Q) watched him (R) and he never said a word (S) that had an uncanny cold fire in them A. PQRS B. PQSR C. QPSR D. QRPS 7

  10. l enclosee (P) and the postage (Q) a postal order (R) the price of the books (S) which will cover A. QPSR B. RPSQ C. QSPR D. QSRP 8