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151-175: MCQs based on Class 6 Geography NCERT
Roman question no.169 answer is both are wrong but I have studied from Arpita Prakash Mam's lecture on geography NCERT class 6th and she taught that there are 24 time zones of 1 hour each and each time zone have 15degree longitude. so which one is correct sir... please clear my doubts
Mukesh Gupta
2 years ago
More Than 24 Time Zones If each time zone were 1 hour apart, there would be 24 in the world. However, the International Date Line (IDL) creates 3 more. Also, several time zones are only 30 or 45 minutes apart, increasing the total number of standard time zones even further. Arpita ma'am is right as per NCERT is concerned.. I hope u got my points.