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(1/4) 14 January : The Hindu Editorials and Newspaper Analysis
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Sumant Kumar
B.Tech NIT Allahabad. Have written UPSC Mains Exam 3 times with Physics. Channel "Sumant Kumar" on Youtube. Telegram - "AdSumant"

Unacademy user
all the lessons are very helpful..... thank you boss
my plsr Ankush
for upsc prelims 2019, i have to read newspaper and current affairs from which month of year????
Sumant Kumar
8 months ago
June 2018
Siddharth verma
8 months ago
thankyou for saying me dost Bhaiya this year i have completed my graduation from political science honours from patna university sir i am going to appear in upsc sir this year i have taken the exam of upsc assistant commandent sir but i am not selected my paper 1is very good sir but paper 2 is descriptive sir i have not written essay report precis debate everything upto the level of civil service sir upsc is my dream sir i have to become an ias officer any how by hook and crook sir and sir tell me how i personally connected with you so that i can crack upsc sir
Superb video sir god bless you sir and may you live long sir this video will help me in my upsc preparationupsc sir i am preparing forth upsc p sir so please guide me sir upto the civil service sir
Sumant Kumar
9 months ago
bilkul dost.
Thank you so much for this lesson. I cannot get a newspaper everyday. This course is very helpful as it gives a daily analysis. keep going!
  1. unacademy 14 January 2019 The Hindu NewsPaper Analysis Delivered by : Sumant Kumar * B.Tech in Computer Science & Engg, NIT Allahabad Have written UPSC Mains twice with Physics Optional

  2. Sumant Kumar VERIFIED Follow An NIT Allahabad Graduate. Computer Sci & Engg. Have written UPSC Mains 2 times with Physics. Follow me for TheHindu News/Edit + CA Analysis in last 30 days Review Share 0 Following By Sumant Kumar By Sumant Kumar (Hindi) Mock Test 1 for UPSC Prelims 2018/2019 (Hindi) April 2018: The Hindu Daily News & Editorial Analysis... 40 Lessons 31 Lessons rlAdSumant 147 ratings 38 reviews 72 ratings 21 reviews

  3. 14 January 2019 The Hindu News + Editorials + Articles Analysi:s By Sumant Kumar, B.Tech CSE, NIT Allahabad Content: Section 1: MCQ: Current/Static Section 2: Analysis of News + Editorials Articles Section 3: Question for Answer Writing Practice: How/What to write Section 4: Discussion of Yesterday's MCQs Section 5: Map/Diagram/Facts4Prelims:

  4. Section 1: MCQ : Current/Static Q1 Which of the following art forms was not found in Indus Valley Q2 Which of the following are tributaries of the Kaveri River: 1.Pottery 2.Gold jewellery 3.Terracotta figures 1.Harangi River 2.Bhavani River 3.Noyyal River 4.Laxmi River Select the correct answer using the codes given below: Select the correct answer using the codes given below: a) 1 and 3 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 2 only d) All of the above a) 1 and 3 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1, 2 and 3 d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

  5. Q3 The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act of 1956 is applicable to persons belonging to which of the following religions? 1.Hinduism 2.Jainism 3.Buddhism 4.Sikhism Select the correct answer using the code given below. (a) 1 only (b) 1, 2 and 3 only (c) 2 and 3 only (d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

  6. TH Page 1] Justice Sikri turns down Centre's offer Commonwealth Secretariat Arbitral Tribunal (CSAT) TH Page KRISHNADAS RAJAGOPAL NEW DELHI Justice A.K. Sikri, the Su preme Court judge whose vote in the Prime Minister The CSAT was established to meet the requirements of the Agreed Memorandum on the Commonwealth Secretariat (1964) which was revised by the governments in 2005 led high-power committee became decisive for the re moval of Alok Verma as CBI Director, on Sunday turned down an offer from the go- vernment to nominate him to the London-based Com- monwealth Secretariat Arbi tral Tribunal (CSAT) OIn fulfilment of its obligations under the Agreed Memorandum, the UK government passed the Commonwealth Secretariat Act 1966 which Ogives the Commonwealth Secretariat legal personality and Jaccords it certain immunities and privileges Justice A.K. Sikri OThe CSAT has a full complement of eight members comprising the President and seven others. o The members are selected by Commonwealth governments on a regionally representative basis from among persons of high moral character who must hold or have held high judicial office in a Commonwealth country o The members are appointed on a four-year term which may be renewed only once.

  7. Section 2: Analysis of News + Editorials Articles TH Page Kambala an annual traditional Buffalo Race (he-buffalo) held in coastal districts of Karnataka to entertain rural people of the area Slushy/marshy paddy field track is used for Kambala Sport's season: generally starts in November and lasts till March. The contest generally takes place between two pairs of buffaloes, each pair race in two separate wet rice fields tracks, controlled by a whip- lashing farmer. In the traditional form of Kambala, buffalo racing is non-competitive and buffalo pairs run one by one in paddy fields. But in recent times, Kambala has become an organised rural sport. Faith associated: some agriculturists race their he-buffaloes for thanks giving to god for protecting their animals from diseases. ala Lt " " " Rural spectacle: Buffaloes running through slush during the Kambala at Bangra Kulur in Mangaluru on Sunday. Kambala is an annual event conducted in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka during the Sankaranti festival. HS MANUNATH Why in news? The Karnataka govt amended the Prevention of Cruelty to - Animals Act (PCA), 1960 for conducting traditional sports of Kambala and bull-cart race in the State just like Tamil NaduF government did for Jallikattu. This has been approved by President thus allowing Kambala.

  8. Train hits killed 49 elephants in 3 years Environment Ministry provides numbers on wild animals killed in road and train accidents HIv SAHAY SENGH In 2016, the Ministry of Emi ronment, Forest and Climate Fatal crossings TH Pa West Bengal and Assam, both put together have accounted for 37 out of the 49 deaths of elephants on train tracks across the country Change (MOEFCC) released Eco friendlv measures to Reasons behind growing cases of Man-Animal Conflict: Changing times Ever-increasing population the lines between human settlements and forests have started to blur- more number of conflicts. rapid urbanization and industrialisation have led to diversion of forest land to non-forest purposes>the wildlife habitat is shrinking. Encroachment in the forest lands by local people>shrinkage of wildlife habitats especially on the fringes which has increased the pressure on the limited natural resources in the forest areas. Livestock grazing in the forest areas; carnivorous are attracted to easy prey Livestock grazing > shortage of food for wild herbivores Increase in area under cultivation around wildlife habitats and changed cropping pattern. Local people have to go deeper and deeper, year by year for fetching firewood and other forest produce because of degradation of forests in the fringes->increased the number of incidences of man-animal conflict . Poaching of herbivores => Decreased prey base => Carnivores moving out of forest in search of prey and indulge in cattle lifting.

  9. [TH Page 10] Govt. re-promulgates triple talaq ordinance The government has re-promulgated the ordinance banning the practice of instant triple talaq ('talaq-e-biddat') Under the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Ordinance, 2019, issued on Saturday, divorcing through instant triple talaq will be illegal, void and would attract a jail term of three years for the husband Why RePromulgation: OA Bill to convert the earlier ordinance, issued in September, 2018, was cleared by the Lok Sabha in December and was pending in the Rajya Sabha. OSince the Bill could not get the Parliamentary approval, the fresh ordinance was issued. The Cabinet last week approved its re-issuance. Approval by the Parliament: O Ordinances must be approved by Parliament within 6 weeks of reassembling or they shall cease to operate. They also cease to operate in case resolutions disapproving the Ordinance are passed by both Houses.

  10. Re-promulgating Ordinance Supreme Court ruling limits life of Ordinances In 1986, a five-judge Bench in Supreme Court led by the then CJI, P.N. Bhagwati in the judgment in D. C. Wadhwa vs State of Bihar declared that o it was the "constitutional duty" of the public to approach the court against re-promulgation of ordinances in a massive scale as a routine measure. o 'the power to promulgate an ordinance is essentially a power to be used to meet an extraordinary situation and cannot be allowed to be 'perverted to serve political ends'. o There must not be an Ordinance Raj in the country. o An ordinance is promulgated by the President on the Union Cabinet's advice under Article 123 of the Constitution. It is a power wielded in circumstances that require immediate action. Ordinances cannot be re- promulgated on a massive scale in a routine manner.

  11. TH Editorial 1] Sharing, and not caring The SP-BSP tie-up poses a challenge to the BJP, but does little for pre-poll opposition unity TH Editorial 2] Change in Congo A contentious election may lead to the country's first transter of power via the balloit After last month's general election, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) is anxiously awaiting the first ever transfer of power via the ballot since gaining independence in 1960. President Joseph Kabila, who had already deferred the polls by two years, postponed them again by a week days before it was scheduled in December.

  12. In 2010-2013, I was principal designer of three basic income pilots in West Delhi and Madhya Pradesh, in which over 6,000 men, women and children were provided with modest basic incomes, paid in cash, monthly, without conditions. The money was not much, coming to about a third of subsistence. But it was paid individually, with men and women receiving equal amounts and with children receiving half as much, paid to the mother or surrogate mother. -The pilots involved the Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA) and financial The pilot i nolumice because svervbodv in the community, and assistance from UNICEF and the The outcomes exceeded expectations, partly because everybody in the community, and not just select people, received their own individual transfer Result: o Nutrition improved, sanitation improved, health and health care improved, school attendance and performance improved, women's status and well-being improved, the position of the disabled and vulnerable groups improved by more than others. o And the amount and quality of work improved. o Critics said it would be a waste of money, but they were proved wrong.