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13 Total Probability cont. (In Hindi)
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Total Probability for Independent events or simultaneous ocurrance of an event, illitration, solved examples, assignment questions for iit jee mathematics, Board, NDA maths

Jagat Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jagat Chaudhary
Qualified IIT-JEE,IIT-JAM. Expert faculty for IIT-JEE Mathematics Courses. M.Sc. Ph.D. (MATHEMATICS) IIT Bhubaneswar.Cofounder at Aspiration

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in the age of globalization we are ignoring our parents . let's Change the definition of globalization by adding or merging old ppl bec they can give good and better advice which will definitely help in the development of India. form the very basic children should know the importance of elderly ppl and in school there should be one moral class . let's don't forget our duty and hold the old hands and let's show the old eyes a new era of this world....
nice one