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(Hindi) Probability for IIT JEE


38 ratings

9 reviews

Jagat Chaudhary

Table of Contents for this Course: Intoduction of Probability Examples of Probability What is Probability and Statistics? Experiment or Trial Sample Space Sample Point Event Types of Events Complement of an Event Mutually Exclusive Events (Disjoint Events) Independent Events Probability Distribution Conditional Probability Bayes Theorem  Binomial Distribution for Successive Events Assumptions of Binomial Distribution



9 reviews

sachin shukla

reviewed on Apr 9, 2019

best lectures on probability....short and crisp yet intricately well designed lectures

Devuu Goswami

reviewed on Mar 11, 2019

remarkable sir love you keep it up we are always looking after your lecture

Tapan Singh

reviewed on Jan 30, 2019

very good illustrations.... order of topics is so good that i can perfectly relate everything

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