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Wilkinson's catalyst and their applications for CSIR NET or IIT JAM/Gate IIT Hindi
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This lesson is based on introduction of Wilkinson catalyst.

Smrati dubey
Hello !!!! this is smrati .I am faculty of chemistry . i have 6 yrs experience in teaching . previously I was assistant professor of chemis

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As of 2017, Per Capita Income of India is $7060 PPP, while for China is it is $16,760 PPP and Pakistan $5380 PPP. GDP as of 2017 is 2.6 lakh crore USD for India, where as it is 12.24 lakh crore USD for China and 30,495 lakh crore USD for Pakistan. Going by this terms we can say that there are significant inequalities in growth of all three countries. But it is India which did not fully achieve what it must. It is because India and China have almost equal number of population (133.92 crore and 138.64 crore respectively as of 2017, Pakistan's population is around 19.7 crore). While China became a major economic and military superpower in the world standing just next to USA, India is far behind from reaching the targeted growth, which clearly states that we failed to utilize the demographic and other available sources we have at our doorstep.